“Just Look At Her Voting Record”: Liz Cheney Slammed by Trump Loyalists

Former U.S. representative Liz Cheney is being targeted by Trump supporters over her part in the investigation into the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol.  Cheney “Guilty of Treason” Former President Donald Trump’s loyal fans have recently launched an online attack against former U.S. representative Liz Cheney, calling for her to be jailed … Read more

“The Entire Biden Administration Needs To Be Tried for War Crimes”: Recent Polls Show 70% Disapproval Rate From Young Voters Over Biden’s War Stance

Polls conducted in November surveying 1,000 voters indicate a sharp decline in support for Biden after his continued controversial stance on the Israel-Palenstine conflict. With Biden’s backing of Israel, 70% of young voters have since expressed their disapproval.  Biden’s Approval Rate Plummets NBC has released their latest national polls, and the outlook for Biden’s chance … Read more

“Trump Is Campaigning as a Fascist”: Concerns Over Trump’s Recent Comments About “Vermin” Opposition Intensify

For the Boston Globe, columnist Scot Lehigh gave a stark warning that Donald Trump has “crossed a red line”, one that could be recognized as “full-flung fascism.” The report came after recent comments from Trump, specifically one where he referred to left-wing voters as “vermin.” “Vermin”: Trump Condemns Opposition On Veterans Day, Donald Trump spoke … Read more

“The Fact Is, I’m the Only Person With the Guts”: Republican Chris Christie Labels Trump ‘Unfit’ for Presidential Role

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spoke with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, where he discussed visiting Israel and how dropping Israel aid from the funding bill was a wrong move. He also called out former president Donald Trump, condemning him for his recent comments and branding him “unfit” to be president. Christie’s Stance The Republican candidate … Read more

“No Other Book Pulls Back the Curtain on Washington”: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Memoir Is Met With Unrelenting Scorn

Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s memoir, titled ‘MGT,’ is described as a unique account of the current political landscape: “No other book pulls back the curtain on Washington, the swamp, and the Democrat political elite like MTG.” Ahead of its release next week, the book is already being fact-checked and panned by critics. “MAGA Firebrand” … Read more

“It Shows Contempt for Our Democracy on a Fundamental Level.”: Trump’s Attempts to Illegally Overturn the 2020 Election Branded as “Evil”

On Tuesday, CNN political analyst John Avlon branded Donald Trump’s political strategies as “evil,” and evidence of his “contempt for democracy.” His comments came after former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting false statements after Trump’s 2020 election loss.  “Evil” in a “Civic Sense”: Trump’s Refusal To Accept Election Loss Speaking … Read more