“The Fact Is, I’m the Only Person With the Guts”: Republican Chris Christie Labels Trump ‘Unfit’ for Presidential Role


Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spoke with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, where he discussed visiting Israel and how dropping Israel aid from the funding bill was a wrong move. He also called out former president Donald Trump, condemning him for his recent comments and branding him “unfit” to be president.

Christie’s Stance

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The Republican candidate asserted his view over the current Israel-Palenstine conflict, condemning the “inhumanity” of the Hamas attack on October 7: “It’s not just the inhumanity that was visited upon the citizens of Israel […] What I really learned was the joy that they took in visiting that inhumanity.”


“No Moral Equivalence”

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He further stated that “there is no moral equivalence between what Hamas did and Israel not defending itself in Gaza trying to eliminate that threat.”


A Dismal Situation

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Christie recalled seeing the Gaza border during his visit to Israel, asking: “How could you, as any responsible government official, tell those people they can go back to their homes with Hamas still as a viable military option?”


“Israel Is Losing Support”

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Discussing the recent Israeli attack on a refugee camp and hospital, host Andrea Mitchell acknowledged that “Israel is losing support around the world,” and quoted the White House’s statement that “there is no justification for going inside a hospital and endangering civilians,” and that “there’s better ways to fight to get the terrorists out of the tunnels.”


Hamas Using Civilians as “Human Shields”

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Christie gave a succinct and decisive response: “Well if Hamas would stop using those hospitals and civilians as human shields, then we wouldn’t have this problem.” He also suggested that “Israelis care more about the lives of those Palestinians than Hamas does.”


A Question of Morality

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Disputing the fact that Israel’s emergency aid has been dropped from the recent funding bill, Christie urged: “We have a moral obligation to be helping the Israelis and not to be questioning them and second-guessing them or playing domestic politics.” To those who voted for the bill to be overturned, he asked: “Where is your morality?”


“I Will Be on the Debate Stage in Alabama”

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The discussion moved on to the debate in Alabama next month, with Christie affirming his presence after recent polls have predicted his qualification. 


Christie Backs Himself

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He criticized the fact that no other presidential candidate has visited Israel, stating: “It’s wrong that no one else has gone.” He simultaneously endorsed his own actions and condemned the lack of such from other candidates: “If you want to be President of the United States, you want to be the commander in chief of our military and you want to be able to have a meaningful role […] you have to see it for yourself.”


Trump’s Rhetoric Reminiscent of Hitler and Mussolini

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Donald Trump’s recent speech where he referred to left-wing opposition as “vermin” was also considered, with Mitchell likening his wording to “language that Hitler or Mussolini used.” She asked Christie: “What kind of language is that for the front runner by leaps and bounds?”


Other Candidates Are Only Running Against Each Other 

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Christie considers himself in a prime position to be an antidote to Trump’s derisive political strategy, asserting: “That’s why I’m here and that’s why I’m running against him.” He also called out fellow Republican candidates: “I am the only candidate running against Donald Trump. Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis seem to be running against each other for second place.”


They Must Go “Through Donald Trump” 

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He also made it clear that Trump is an obstacle in the presidential race that cannot be ignored: “The only path to the Republican nomination for president is not around Donald Trump or next to Donald Trump, it is through Donald Trump.” 


Christie Is the Best Bet to Defeat Trump

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Christie reiterated his belief that no other candidate is in a strong enough position to beat out Trump: “The fact is, I’m the only person with the guts and the experience to be able to do it.”


Looking For Accountability

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Speaking about the debate in Alabama next month, Christie claimed: “You and I both know why Donald Trump’s not on that debate stage. It’s because I am.” He continued: “We’re going to find each other at some point and I’m going to hold him to account for the fact that he is not fit to be president of the United States, he is unfit by his own conduct.”


“He Is Going To Be Convicted”

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Regarding Trump’s upcoming trial, Christie spoke candidly: “Come this spring, Andrea, he is going to be convicted by a jury.” He also stated that Mark Meadows, former chief of staff for Trump, is “going to say Donald Trump committed crimes on his watch and that he lied, starting on election night, knowingly about the results of the election and instructed others, including Mark Meadow, to commit crimes to try to overturn the election.”


Christie Makes a Strong Case

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Christie concluded the discussion by condemning Trump further: “We cannot have that kind of person as a nominee of either major party, and I’m the only one out there in the Republican Party in this race saying it.”


“I Would Not Want Christie for President”

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Across the internet, there have been mixed responses to Christie’s comments and his stance on Trump. One person admitted they had conflicting feelings: “I would not want Christie for president. I don’t even really want him as the Republican nominee. But man I would love to see him beat out Donnie for the nom.”


The Best of a Bad Lot

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Another person pointed out that he may be the lesser evil of the current Republican candidates: “He’s the “best” candidate the Republicans have. But he has no chance at the nom.”


“No Republican Believes in Human Rights For Palestinians” 

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Responding to somewhat positive comments about Christie, one person wrote: “You’re giving Chris Christie far too much credit. No Republican believes in human rights for Palestinians.”



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