“Republicans Are Making a Mockery of the US”: Uncertainty Surrounding Potential Impeachment of President Biden


In September of this year, it was announced by former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy that an official impeachment inquiry would be made into President Biden. Now, House Republicans are deliberating whether the inquiry will still go ahead. 

“A Culture of Corruption”

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McCarthy attested that the allegations against Biden are “an abuse of power, obstruction and corruption.” He also said: “They warrant further investigation by the House of Representatives.” He noted that the investigation at that point painted “a picture of a culture of corruption.”


The Jury’s Still Out

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Speaking to Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” ” panel Chair and Rep Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, asserted: “I believe we will get the depositions and the interviews done in this calendar year and then make a decision early next year whether the actual evidence warrants going to articles of impeachment and moving to that stage of the investigation.”


“I Think He Should”: Comer Backs Biden Impeachment 

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Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer, R-La., publicly endorsed the Biden impeachment inquiry to progress. He declared: “I think he should, but that’s going to be left up to the speaker.” Comer continued: “People ask me why I haven’t put someone in jail yet. All I can do is investigate.”


Comer’s Unwavering Contention

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Comer spoke at the first hearing of the GOP’s impeachment inquiry, demanding: “This deserves investigation.” He also claimed that family members and associates of Biden “raked in over $20 million between 2014 and 2019,” further asking and answering: “What were the Bidens selling to make all this money? Joe Biden himself.”


“They Want To Shut Down the Government”: Biden’s Response

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Meanwhile, President Biden has outright condemned the idea of an impeachment attempt. He claimed: “The best I can tell, they want to impeach me because they want to shut down the government.”


More Pressing Matters

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Biden also attested that the impeachment isn’t something he’s actively thinking about. The President said: “I get up every day, not a joke, not focused on impeachment. I’ve got a job to do.”


“A Political Stunt”

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Back when the impeachment inquiry was first announced, White House Press Secretary Katherine Jean-Pierre called out Congress: “They have spent all year investigating the President […] and have turned up with no evidence.” She surmised the attempt was merely a “political stunt.”


“The Evidence Does Not Exist”

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Jean-Pierre continued, citing that House Republicans had previously admitted that evidence of any wrongdoing on President Biden’s part “does not exist.”


Hunter Biden Under Fire Again

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Regardless of this assertion from the White House that no evidence of criminal activity exists, Comer has continued in his quest to find proof. Last week, he requested several subpoenas and transcribed interviews, one of which was targeted at the President’s son, Hunter Biden.


“My Son’s Done Nothing Wrong”

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Despite a federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs and business dealings, President Biden has consistently maintained his son’s innocence. In May of this year, he told MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle: “I trust him. I have faith in him. And it impacts my presidency by making me feel proud of him.”


Family Lines

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When discussing the investigation into Hunter Biden, Jordan suggested leniency was granted in Hunter’s alleged dealings with a Ukrainian gas company: “That statute of limitations — they let it expire. And I think it expired because if they go there, that takes them right back to the White House, right back to Joe Biden.”


Going After the Wrong Biden

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The continual scrutinization of Hunter Biden has others question its relevance, however. One person commented: “Why would the US House of Representatives have any interest in Hunter Biden? He’s not a politician. He’s not an elected official.”


The Internet Weighs In

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Taking to social media, one person condemned the Republicans’ impeachment attempt: “Whatever form of government they don’t have full control they will attempt to destroy or hamper.”


Incidental Truths

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Another person claimed that to Republicans, the truth is of little consequence: “Republicans 100% know that it doesn’t matter if what they say is lies as long as they repeat it over and over and over and over.”


Swaying Public Perception

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To some, the intent to get Biden impeached is merely an election tactic: “The reason they refuse to bring a full vote to the floor is because they know it will fail, and once it fails, the cat’s out of the bag and they will no longer be able to use the impeachment stuff for political expediency.” The user asked: “If they try to officially pursue it and fail on the very first step, that door gets slammed shut, and then what are they going to talk about heading into a presidential election?”


“A Mockery”

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Another person slammed Republican efforts to impeach Biden, declaring: “Republicans are making a mockery of the United States of America. The party is antithetical to everything real America stands for.”


“The Wheels of Justice”

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However, there is still support for the impeachment inquiry to move forward. One person maintained: “The wheels of Justice grind slow, the impeachment inquiry into Biden has revealed a lot of treasonous Acts by the Biden regime. Don’t be surprised if he’s impeached soon.”


Not Our President

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Another user insisted that an impeachment for Biden would confirm his presidency over the election results: “The way I see it impeachment means accepting that Biden was ever a president. He was not elected and should be removed as non elected person.”



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