Trump Mocks Joe Biden With on Stage Impression in Viral Clip


Former President Donald Trump mocked Joe Biden while giving a speech to his supporters, much to the delight of the crowd. 

Joe Biden Gaffes

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Despite Joe Biden and his administration insisting that the President is of sound body and mind, he has not been able to convince everyone, most notably his critics.  During his time as president, Biden has had a series of public gaffes from fumbling his words during speeches to falling over.  

Trump’s Repeated Mockery of Biden

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Both during and prior to Biden’s victory to land him in the White House, Trump has repeatedly mocked the President and crafted a series of nicknames, such as “sleepy joe”.  

Trump’s Latest Ridicule of Biden

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During the California GOP convention in Anaheim, on Friday Trump mimicked a viral gaffe of Biden.  While mocking Biden, Trump re-enacted a moment in September 2022 where Biden appeared to get lost on stage at the Global Fund Conference in New York.  

Biden’s September 2022 Blunder

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After concluding a speech at the New York Conference, a video showed Biden lingering on the stage before turning around after hearing his name mentioned by the following speaker.  The clip was widely shared by Biden’s critics who went on to question the president’s cognitive capabilities.  

Biden Mocked For Blunder

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Following a speech, President Biden was literally LOST ON STAGE. Our fearless Commander in Chief is UNABLE to get on and off stage. Take a look,” Johns Hopkins economist Steve Hanke tweeted at the time.  “What in the Lost and Found is going on with Joe Biden. Lord Jesus help us all,” Comedian Terrence K. Williams wrote as he ridiculed Biden for the video.”  

Trump’s Impression

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During his speech, Trump joked he would not get lost like Biden even though he had never been on that stage before. He also questioned whether Biden would “make it to the starting gate” of the upcoming presidential election. “Does anybody think he is going to make it to the starting gate?” Trump asked the crowd. “I mean the guy can’t find his way off a stage. Look here’s a stage. “I’ve never seen this stupid stage before. I’ve never seen it before. But if I walk left, there’s a stair. And if I walk right, there’s a stair.”  

Loud Laughter Heard In the Room

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Trump’s mockery of Biden appeared to delight the crowd, he then continued his impression, ridiculing the President.  “And this guy gets up, (as if to say) ‘Where am I? Where the hell am I?”” Trump continued.  Loud cheers could be heard throughout Trump’s impression.  

Trump’s Impression Goes Viral

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Trump’s stunt was widely shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, and when shared by conservative political commentator host Benny Johnson, the video was viewed more than 8.3 million times.   

Social Media Reaction

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“Painfully accurate. Donald Trump imitating Joe Biden getting lost on stage,” X user Ricwe123, wrote on his page. “Hahahahahahahaha: Trump imitating Biden getting lost on stage multiple times. WATCH,” wrote Simon Ateba, White House correspondent for Today News Africa. “Painfully accurate. If Biden insists on taking on Trump again (assuming Trump is GOP nominee)—he will lose,” UK journalist and broadcaster Piers Morgan wrote.  

Some Users Defend Biden

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Some X users were less impressed with Trump’s impression and criticized the former President for his mockery of Biden.  “Trump lost to Biden who never left his basement. Trump should have more humility,” User avidtrober wrote on X. “MAGA are totally non-biblical if they think Christ is going to honor this hubris. Matt 5:44-45.”  

“Trump Pretends to Vanquish Imaginary Enemies” Says One Critic

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“True leaders don’t mock or put others down. They bring out the best in everyone. Sad this is not the case here,” user Finance_Ryan1 added. “Trump doesn’t give speeches. He tells long fake stories that provide an alternate reality in which he’s the hero and allow his audience to conflate themselves with him as he pretends to vanquish imaginary enemies like “Sleepy Joe” “Crooked Hillary” “the Deep State” & “Fake News,” user ZaleskiLuke wrote.  

Explanation For Biden Gaffe

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After the blunder in September, while some people were quick to mock and ridicule the president, others suggested there may be a reason for Biden’s seemingly odd behavior in the viral clip.  The clips of Biden leaving the stage shows about 30 seconds of footage, from applause as his speech ends, to the camera shifting towards a new speaker at the end.  

Biden Video

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In the video Biden is is seen heading to the left of the podium (stage right) and seemingly pausing and posing for some photographers.  Other suggestions have indicated Biden may have been waiting for guidance on where he is needed next, rather than being confused as to how to exit the stage.  

Biden Speaking To Someone Out of shot

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The latter point is supported by the next few seconds of the video, where Biden is seen speaking to someone out of shot.  Biden then stopping on the stage rather than exiting suggests he was told to remain until further notice.   

Biden Needed Back On Stage

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Moments later he and other world leaders are called up onto the main stage to take a photo together. This ultimately provides a plausible explanation for why the president awkwardly lingered at the side of the stage. 

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