“I Am Really Fearing for Our Democracy”: A Biden-Trump Rematch Isn’t Favorable. Could a Third Party Save the Day?


As a Biden and Trump rematch becomes more and more likely, Americans are growing increasingly frustrated — something which several independent and third-party candidates are poised to capitalize on.

Against All Odds

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The field of people looking to be an alternative to Trump and Biden includes prominent academics, congresspeople, entrepreneurs, and more. These candidates have extremely slim odds of winning the presidency as the country largely follows a two-party system.

Biden versus Trump

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The choice for most Americans next year is likely to come down to President Joe Biden versus former President Donald Trump, who previously went head-to-head in 2020. Biden has the advantage of being the incumbent president, meaning Democrats are unlikely to select a different nominee. Trump, meanwhile, is the clear frontrunner to gain the GOP nomination.

Age Concerns

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Polls have suggested that Americans overwhelmingly think that Biden is too old to run to be president. 75 percent have said he should not run again, whereas 80 percent believe his age will prevent him from being an effective leader for another four years, according to The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Criminal Charges

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69 percent of Americans also think Trump should not run again. The former president’s campaign has been largely overshadowed by his ongoing criminal cases, many of which are due to go to trial next year. One of these is the federal indictment over the January 6 riots and attempts to overturn the election.

Biden’s Israel Stance

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Biden has also received backlash, particularly from the progressive left and younger demographics, over his approach to the Israel-Hamas war. Biden has failed to call for a permanent ceasefire or strongly condemn Israel’s retaliation to the October 7 attack that has left around 15,000 Gazans dead.

Poor Favorability

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As well as this, both Trump and Biden have higher disapproval ratings than approval ratings, suggesting the consensus is that America needs fresh leadership options.

“Two Zombie Candidates”

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Jill Stein, who was the Green Party nominee in the 2012 and 2016 elections, told interviewers: “There’s so much hunger for a principled politics, a politics of integrity, and for options outside of the two zombie candidates that are being forced down our throats, and two zombie political parties.”

A Third Presidential Bid

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Stein will campaign for president for the third time next year, despite previously pledging to support leftist scholar and activist Cornel West in his bid. West, who was planning to seek the Green Party nomination, is running as an independent instead.

Political Dissatisfaction

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Stein has said that dissatisfaction with the two-party political system is “off the charts now,” and has denied accusations that she “stole” votes from Hillary Clinton in 2016, causing her to lose.

Other Outsiders

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Other outsider candidates in the 2024 election include Robert F. Kennedy Jr, who is opting to run as an independent after previously announcing he would challenge Biden for the Democratic nomination. Kennedy is known for his anti-vax views and has developed alliances with far-right figures who share his COVID-19 vaccine skepticism.

A Repeat of 2016

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Many people online have expressed concern that the rise of third-party and independent candidates will take votes away from Biden, leading to a Trump reelection. One forum commenter wrote: “Here we go again. 2015-2016 all over again.”

Saving Democracy

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One person declared that a vote for Jill Stein “is saying you’re okay with Trump, in my opinion. Also, not voting is saying you’re okay with Trump.” Many Democrats have expressed their view that democracy is at stake in the 2024 election and that Trump should be stopped at all costs.

The Dangers of Trump

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Another forum member claimed: “Some of us will not make it out alive” if Trump is reelected, whereas another declared that “a person willing to allow vulnerable groups to suffer because they can’t have perfect is not a leftist.”

A Serious Threat

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Another contributor shared, “I just have the worst feeling he’s going to win if Americans don’t get serious about this election.” Someone else concurred: “I like our democracy, so I’ll be voting for Biden.”

Two Bad Options

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One individual disagreed with the praise of America’s democratic system, proclaiming: “I don’t like our democracy, it’s a joke when our choices are: sleepy old corrupt DNC shill and sleepy old corrupt RNC shill s– abuser fraudster traitor. Could we maybe try to do better?”

A Horrifying Alternative

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The consensus was in favor of voting for Biden, if only as a vote against Trump. One user called it “a sorry state of affairs,” before elaborating: “I have always been for a third-party candidate, but I am really fearing for our democracy.” Someone agreed: “Thank you for being a realist. Biden is not ideal, but the alternative is horrifying.”

Regretting Past Votes

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One forum member revealed: “I was one who stood my “moral ground” and voted third-party in 16. I still am mad at myself. Never again. Trump is too dangerous.” Someone else proclaimed, “We just need to get Biden one more term because I’m very positive that if Trump loses this election he will either be jailed or he’ll die before 2028.”

Sending a Message

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Others hoped a strong Biden victory could help reshape the GOP. One individual explained: “Biden and Democrats winning by a  landslide is the only way to send a message that we want to stop Republicans being so extreme.” Someone else concluded, “It’s incredibly sad that our political system is so corrupt that we’re forced to vote for the lesser of two evils, and there’s no change in sight.”  

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