“Sometimes You Just Gotta Excite People a Little Bit”: Iowa Rep Supporters ”Relish” Trump’s Crude Barrage of Insults


77Although the former president is showing more and more support for his vulgar side, Republicans in Iowa are not only loving but also “relishing” it, according to Washington Post coverage of his most recent event.

Trump’s Vulgarities Supported by Iowa Midwesterners

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Although Trump has never come close to being one of the more refined seniors of his generation, his use of vulgar language, “crass” remarks, and “vulgarities” is becoming worse. However, the study claims that Iowans, who are typically kind and courteous in the Midwest, are increasingly pushing it.

Presidents Casually Dropping the F-Bomb the New Norm?

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Nearly 14 years have passed since former vice president and current president Joe Biden was seen swearing on a hot mic. He referred to the recently enacted Affordable Care Act in March 2010 as “a big f–king deal.”

Children Walk Around Wearing FJB Tshirts

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Republicans in Iowa are currently seen roaming around with t-shirts that spell out “F— Biden.” Youngsters were seen wandering about with shirts that said FJB, which is equivalent.

Trump Calls GOP Rival a ‘Son of a B—-‘

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“During his speech inside a Fort Dodge high school gym, former President Trump called a GOP rival a “son of a b—-,” called another a “birdbrain,” and made remarks about Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) that had the audience erupting in laughter.

Schiff Branded a ‘Pencil Neck’

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He called Schiff a “pencil neck” before posing the question, “How does he hold up that fat, ugly face?” He brought the house down while making fun of Biden, even implying without evidence that the former is high on drugs and is unable to leave the stage until the effects of whatever he is taking wear off.”

More Lewd T-Shirts Make Their Way Into Iowa Crowd

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One of the opening speakers from the Iowa state senate was quoted in the article as calling anyone who kneels during the playing of the national anthem a “disrespectful little sh–.” The assembly erupted. There were signs saying, “Biden Loves Minors,” and a t-shirt with pictures of Vice President Kamala Harris and Joe Biden doing sex activities.

Joe’s Gotta Go

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The Post cited Lori Carpenter, 59, as saying, “Joe’s gotta go,” as she was departing the gathering. “And to begin with, the ho shouldn’t have been there.” Kamala Harris is the “ho” of which she talks. She then called him by a “more vulgar” moniker, according to The Post.

Rep Supporters Insist Trump’s Crass Comments ‘Doesn’t Bother’ Them

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Regarding the coarseness, she stated, “It doesn’t bother me.” A relative, Marsha Crouthamel, 71, was also there for the journey. “It doesn’t bother me either because his policies are strong,” she said, adding that people laugh at Trump’s comments and foul language. “Sometimes you just gotta excite people a little bit.”

We’re Christians, and We Can Look Past That

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Carpenter said, “We’re Christians, and we can look past that. We see the good that he did our country when he was in.” Although Trump has spent the last four years calling Biden “sleepy” and casting doubt on his mental soundness, some have speculated that his actions over the past few months may have been a preemptive move to protect himself from similar criticism.

Trump Still Thinks Obama Is President

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Trump seemed to be getting more and more confused as he started giving speeches. He considered running against outgoing President Barack Obama in 2020 on many occasions. After being corrected twice during a Fox interview, he repeated a similar error during a rally, believing that Obama was the current president.

Trump Further Confuses Biden With Hillary Clinton

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He mistook Biden for Hillary Clinton that same day, claiming that his polls were inferior than hers. He corrected himself after realizing his mistake. A week later, Trump mistakenly believed that he was running against Jeb Bush in the 2016 GOP primary instead of George W. Bush.

Is Trump’s Age Finally Catching Up to Him?

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Speaking to an audience in New Hampshire last month, Trump made the error of referring to Viktor Orbán, the prime minister of Hungary, as the leader of Turkey. In 2019, Trump invited him to the White House.

Trump Mistakes Biden for Obama for the Fourth Time

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Then, Trump committed the gaffe for which he has been criticizing Biden: he welcomed the Sioux Falls, South Dakota, gathering. He was in Iowa’s Sioux City. Senator Brad Zaun of state had to tell him where he was. Zaun embarrassingly was caught on camera expressing it to Trump. It was just over a week ago when Trump made his fourth public error of mistaking Biden for Obama.

Everything Trump Says Is a Reflection of His Deep Insecurities

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“Everything Donald Trump says is either projection or a reflection of his deep insecurities.” The Post was informed by Biden campaign spokesperson Ammar Moussa that “the American people elected Joe Biden in 2020 and rejected the hateful, divisive extremism of Trump and the MAGA Republicans, and they’ll do it again next November.”

Trump Tries to Point at Someone Else Before Anyone Notices It’s Him

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Moussa implies that Trump is attempting to point the finger at someone else before anybody realizes it’s him, whether through fat jokes or allegations of cognitive disability. To further divert attention, he continues with profanities and obscenities.

Conservative Evangelicals Keep Distaste for Trump Aside on Anti-abortion Judge’s Appointment

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Next year’s caucuses will determine whether conservative evangelicals who are influential in Iowa, the first state on the GOP nominating calendar, have forgotten their distaste for Trump’s behavior in favor of his positions on abortion rights, such as appointing judges to the Supreme Court.

Trump’s Rivals Looking To Replicate His Shock Tactics

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Because of his divisive speech, Trump has alienated supporters from all political stripes and is now a very formidable foe for Democrats. But inside the GOP, it has proliferated, with contenders farther down the ticket and even some of his opponents attempting to imitate his shocking strategies.

“Even My Dog Hates Biden!” Shout Merchants

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Trump giving the middle finger was shown on t-shirts that were on sale during the event, perfectly summarizing the appeal. Every time someone came to take a look, one of the vendors would shout, “Even my dog hates Biden!”


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