“He Will Push the Limits as Far as He Can”: Former Prosecutor Says Trump Judge Has “The Duty To Protect Proceedings” With Gag Orders

Former federal prosecutor Barbara McQuade said that Donald Trump’s legal team argues that his First Amendment rights as a presidential candidate outweigh the laws of criminal and civil court. An “Apples and Oranges” Situation Trying to position their case in the context of the average American life, Trump’s attorneys are referring to this as an … Read more

“The Risk of Biden Being a Two-Term President Is Just Too High”: Trump Backers Who Lost Interest in Him Now Claim He’s Their Best Option

With the Iowa caucus marking the start of the 2024 Republican primary in less than two months, Donald Trump and his friends are increasing their high-dollar fundraising efforts. Major Donors Show Signs of Returning to the Former President The former president is beginning to receive support from a number of significant contributors, even many who … Read more

“An Existential Threat to This Country”: Ken Buck Says Politicians Denying the 2020 Election Are “Lying to America”

On Sunday, Representative Ken Buck (R-CO) said that politicians who contest the 2020 presidential election outcome are “lying to America.” Are the 2020 Elections Illegitimate? Buck’s remarks coincide with the announcement that former President Donald Trump, who has maintained his illegitimacy claims about the results of the 2020 election, is reentering the presidential race in … Read more