“Traditional Republican Policies Are Extremely Unpopular”: GOP Hopeful Predicts “Four-Time Loser” Trump Will Be Ignored by Public

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie has proposed that the public will ignore Donald Trump if he fails to secure the GOP nomination in 2024. Christie stated: “I think the public en masse will begin to ignore a four-time loser like Donald Trump.” The Republican Primaries The Republican primaries for the 2024 presidential election are due … Read more

“I Am Really Fearing for Our Democracy”: A Biden-Trump Rematch Isn’t Favorable. Could a Third Party Save the Day?

As a Biden and Trump rematch becomes more and more likely, Americans are growing increasingly frustrated — something which several independent and third-party candidates are poised to capitalize on. Against All Odds The field of people looking to be an alternative to Trump and Biden includes prominent academics, congresspeople, entrepreneurs, and more. These candidates have … Read more

“Republicans Will Do Away With Social Security if Elected”: Biden’s $22.4 Trillion Social Security Plan Unlikely To Pass Due to Congress “MAGA Politicians”

President Biden has outlined his four-step plan to revive America’s Social Security program — but it won’t be cheap. The $22.4 trillion overhaul could pose a tax burden to working-class Americans, but Biden hopes it will bring about significant improvements to their lives. Running Out of Funds America’s Social Security system is slated to run … Read more

“Trump Will Be Kept off the Ballot if the Supreme Court Rules That the President Is an Officer”: Colorado Supreme Court Schedules New 14th Amendment Hearing

The Colorado Supreme Court has scheduled an oral argument to consider appeals over whether Trump should be excluded from the state’s 2024 GOP primary ballot. The discussion will take place on December 6. The Colorado Case Earlier this year, six Colorado voters filed a lawsuit, arguing that a Civil War-era insurrection clause in the 14th … Read more