“There Are No Words for the Sheer Unmitigated Hysteria”: The Economist Identifies Donald Trump as Leading Global Risk in 2024


Recently, Trump has been labeled as the foremost threat for 2024, a sentiment echoed by various media sources. As these outlets disclose Trump’s reelection strategies, such as Agenda 47, some critics argue that they are promoting “sheer unmitigated hysteria.” Though Trump’s visions of freedom cities and flying cars may appear far-fetched, is there any validity to the concerns?

“A Shadow Looms Over the World”

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The Economist recently published an article titled “Donald Trump poses the biggest danger to the world in 2024.” The piece begins on an ominous note: “A shadow looms over the world.” The article further states that “no single person has ever eclipsed our analysis as much as Donald Trump eclipses 2024.”  

Upending the World

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The article goes on to read that the probability of Trump being re-elected could be as close as a “coin toss,” with such a close race between Biden and Trump, “a stumble by either candidate could determine the race—and thus upend the world.”  

Manipulating His Compatriots

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The Economist called the possibility of Trump’s reelection “a perilous moment” and further claimed Trump’s allegations of election fraud were “more than a lie” but a “cynical bet that he could manipulate and intimidate his compatriots, and it has worked.”  

MAGA Republicans Have Been Planning

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The Economist article highlighted America’s dangers abroad, citing China, Russia and Taiwan as the main issues. They also pointed out that “MAGA Republicans” have already been planning for Trump’s reelection for a considerable amount of time. A plan that would see Trump’s “true believers” occupying “the most important positions” of the US Government.  

Trump’s Pursuit of Retribution

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The article warned that if Trump were reelected as President, “he would be unbound in his pursuit of retribution, economic protectionism and theatrically extravagant deals.”  

Unconstrained by Reality

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“However, Mr Trump’s lust for a deal and his sense of America’s interests are unconstrained by reality and unanchored by values,” the article explained.  

Confirming His Most Destructive Instincts

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The article subsequently issued a foreboding caution in the event that Trump could secure victory. “Victory would confirm his most destructive instincts about power. His plans would encounter less resistance. And because America will have voted him in while knowing the worst, its moral authority would decline.” The Economist concluded their piece by declaring, “In 2024, the fate of the world will depend on their ballots.”  

Ripping off the Restraints

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A separate report by Axios also highlighted Trump’s strategy if he was to be reelected. Axios reported that “Hundreds of people are spending tens of millions of dollars to install a pre-vetted, pro-Trump army of up to 54,000 loyalists across government to rip off the restraints imposed on the previous 46 presidents.”  

Tech Giant Oracle Working on Project

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The report claimed, “The screening for ready-to-serve loyalists has already begun, driven partly by artificial intelligence from tech giant Oracle, contracted for the project.”  

Purging Any Hostility

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Axios warned that if Trump were to return to the Oval Office, “ thousands of Trump-first loyalists would be ready for legal, judicial, defense, regulatory and domestic policy jobs.” The article stated that Trump had plans in place to “purge” anyone who did not share his views under a project that has been called “Agenda 47.”  

Agenda 47 an Official Plan

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Axios then shared comments from the Trump campaign as it raised questions over Project 2025: “The campaign’s Agenda47 is the only official comprehensive and detailed look at what President Trump will do when he returns to the White House. … While the campaign is appreciative of any effort to provide suggestions about a second term, the campaign is not collaborating with them.”  

Powerful Trump-Allied Machine

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When discussing Project 2025, a right-wing group that has actively been “vetting” members of the public to test their loyalty to Trump and suitability for positions within the government, Axios stated, “This Trump-allied machine has the most power over the formation of a potential future government of any group in US history. Trump, if elected, will leverage it to do things with government that none of us has seen in our lifetime.”  

An Unorthodox Vision for America

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New Straits Times recently wrote an article on Trump’s Agenda 47 and his “unorthodox vision for America.” The article stated that Trump had plans for “state-of-the-art freedom cities” with flying cars. Trump reportedly declared that these cities would be a “quantum leap in the American standard of living” and “hives of industry,” a somewhat far-fetched plan.  

Death Penalty for Drug Dealers

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But more worryingly so, the article also pointed out several other plans, such as imposing the death penalty on drug dealers and people traffickers.  

Pardon Jan 6 Rioters

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Trump has pledged to grant pardons to a significant number of the individuals imprisoned following the assault on Jan 6. Over 600 of his supporters have faced convictions, encompassing charges from trespassing to seditious conspiracy.  

Deploy the National Guard and Investigate Prosecutors

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The article also highlighted Trump’s plan to “deploy the National Guard to ‘restore law and order’ in liberal cities and would investigate ‘radical Marxist prosecutors’ refusing to punish disorder.”  

Sheer Unmitigated Hysteria

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Auron MacIntyre, host of The Blaze, took to X to ridicule the Economists article and other warnings by media outlets, “You thought the media were deranged in 2016, you thought they were completely unhinged in 2020, but my friend there are no words for the sheer unmitigated hysteria that will be 2024.”  

Caring About Democracy Means Electing Trump

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Other people also took to social media to share their views. One user agreed with MacIntyre, stating, “Peddling hysteria is not new. I believe that anyone who cares about democracy, conservatism or decency should hope Donald is re-elected as President.”  

Without the GOP, He’d Be Nothing

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Another user posted, “In the end, Trump is just 1 person. Without the full support of the GOP, he’d be nothing.”  

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