“It’s Unbelievable How Much He’s Degenerated”: Former White House Physician Claims Biden’s Age-Related Decline Is “Happening Quickly”

Ronny Jackson, a former White House physician, politician, and retired United States Navy rear admiral currently serving as the GOP representative for Texas’s 13th congressional district, asserted in a recent Fox News interview that President Biden’s cognitive decline is progressing rapidly, contending that he is unfit for office.   Biden’s Decline Is Happening Quickly The … Read more

“Sir, You Have the Most Overinflated Values on Your Properties”: Trump Organization Corporate Controller Weeps During Testimony in NY Trial

Trump Org.’s former corporate controller, Jeff McConney, wiped away tears during his testimony for the defense as the pressures of the fraud trial began to show. During his testimony, he declared his love for his job but admitted the numerous investigations and accusations had finally led to his departure from the company. McConney Couldn’t Do … Read more

“Catnip for His MAGA Audiences”: High Profile Members of Government Say Trump’s Presidential Plot Is “A Bit Overconfident”

The Messenger recently interviewed over 20 prominent government figures, including former Department of Justice leaders, lawmakers from both Republican and Democratic parties, and former aides and advisors. During these interviews, participants were questioned about the feasibility of Trump’s ambitions to assume complete control of the US government. A consensus emerged among many interviewees, suggesting that … Read more

“There’s No Shortage of Incumbents Who Win”: The Historical Hurdles Trump Must Face To Take Back the White House

A professor of government and politics at Maryland University recently provided his analysis of a potential Trump vs Biden rematch to NBC News. In his article, he highlighted that historically, the incumbent would win the Presidential race but warned that the circumstances surrounding a 2024 Presidential rematch were “a historic first.” Historical Trends That May … Read more