Harris Is a “Vital Part of the Formula” as Biden Faces Abysmal Polling Results

According to a recent New York Times/Siena College survey in crucial battleground states, the Biden administration received further discouraging updates. With Biden trailing behind Trump and facing challenges in gaining a lead, certain voters suggest that Harris could be a deciding factor that may push him over the finish line. During an exclusive interview with … Read more

“They’re Looting the Schools on Their Way Out”: Democrats Plan to Block $700,000 Payout To Former Superintendent of School District

A Republican-majority Central Bucks School Board recently approved a whopping $712,000 severance package for its former superintendent. The news created an outcry from local residents, and now democrats are planning to block the payout, with some calling it “a revenge agenda.” Democrats’ Victory in School Board Elections The announcement followed a wave of Democrats securing … Read more

“Restore Patriotic Education to Our Schools”: Trump Pledges To Withdraw Funding From Schools Teaching Critical Race Theory if Elected

Trump has consistently promised to cut funding for schools that incorporate Critical Race Theory (CRT) in his numerous presidential rallies held throughout the nation. He reiterated this commitment in states like Iowa and New Hampshire. While figures within the GOP, including the new House Speaker Mike Johnson and Trump’s rival, Florida Governor DeSantis, have joined … Read more