“A Permission Slip for His Supporters To Dehumanize Others”: Trump Targets Steve Jobs’ Widow in Angry Outburst


In a recent post on Truth Social, Trump criticized Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Steve Jobs, who Forbes recently recognized as the wealthiest woman in America. Powell Jobs, who owns The Atlantic and holds a stake in Axios through her company Emerson, became the target of Trump’s reproach following a recent publication in The Atlantic. In his retaliatory post, Trump suggested that her late husband would disapprove of how she spends her wealth.

A Third Rate Magazine

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Former President Trump took to Truth Social to hit back at The Atlantic and Laurene Powell Jobs in an angry post that began, “It’s so good to see how badly the THIRD RATE MAGAZINE, The Atlantic, is doing.”

False and Fake Stories Do It Every Time

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Trump then accused the publication of printing fake news and implied that Powell Jobs was paying for the magazine’s financial losses. Trump posted, “It’s failing at a level seldom seen before, even in the Publishing Business. False and Fake stories do it every time! They’ve got a rich person funding the ridiculous losses, but at some point, rich people get smart also.”

Steve Jobs Would Not Be Proud

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Trump concluded his post by angrily lashing out at Laureen Powell Jobs directly, stating, “Steve Jobs would not be proud of his wife, Laurene, and the way she is spending his money. The Radical Left is destroying America!”

Have You Listened to What Trump Is Saying?

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Trump’s angry post was in response to an article written by Peter Wehner and published in the Atlantic. The article’s title was “Have You Listened Lately to What Trump Is Saying?”

Trump’s Becoming Frighteningly Clear

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Wehner wrote a warning in the article’s subtitle: “He is becoming frighteningly clear about what he wants.”

Dehumanize Others Just as He Does

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Wehner claims that Trump’s recent language and the threats directed towards Americans are not just undemocratic but also run counter to Christian principles. “Trump’s rhetoric is a permission slip for his supporters to dehumanize others just as he does,” Wehner wrote.

Powell Jobs Has Been Attacked by Trump Before

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Trump has targeted the Atlantic and Powell Jobs over previous articles where she was the subject of Trump’s angry outbursts.

Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers.’

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In September 2020, Trump initially criticized Powell Jobs following the publication of a piece by the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Jeffrey Goldberg, titled “Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers.

John Kelly Was a Source

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The article written by Goldberg detailed Trump’s apparent previous disgust with US military vets who were killed or injured fighting for the US. Former Trump chief of staff John Kelly, whose own son was killed in battle, later corroborated the article and confirmed he was Goldberg’s source for the story.

A Radical Left Magazine

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When the article was published in 2020, Trump took to X (Twitter) and posted, “Steve Jobs would not be happy that his wife is wasting money he left her on a failing Radical Left Magazine that is run by a con man (Goldberg) and spews FAKE NEWS & HATE.”

Trump Urged Followers to Get in Touch With Powell Jobs

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In an angry rant, Trump continued his social media post by encouraging his followers to contact Powell Jobs, “Call her, write her, let her know how you feel!!!”

Trump Called Veterans “Suckers and Losers.”

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In Goldberg’s article, dismissed by Trump as “fake news,” it was asserted that Trump referred to American veterans who died in battle as “suckers” and “losers.” The piece further alleged that Trump requested the exclusion of wounded veterans from military parades and disclosed numerous derogatory comments he made about members of the military.

Four Anonymous Sources Told Several Media Outlets

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However, CNN picked up the story and investigated the sources, discrediting Trump’s claims that it was fake news. CNN wrote, “The article cites four anonymous sources, and some aspects have been confirmed by Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin and CNN, though Trump denies the report is accurate. He’s called for Fox News to fire Griffin following her comments on the Atlantic article.”

Powell Jobs Donates to Biden’s Campaign

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Billionaire Laurene Powell Jobs, with a reported net worth of $13.4 billion according to Forbes, has generously contributed to Biden’s reelection campaign. Powell Jobs is now part of an expanding group of affluent donors supporting Biden in a potential rematch with Donald Trump.

Jobs’ Widow Donates Over $900,000

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Powell Jobs made substantial contributions to Biden during his last Presidential campaign. In the current year, she donated $929,600 to Biden in late September, which was directed towards the Biden Victory Fund. Additionally, Powell Jobs has supported Biden’s campaign for both the primary and general election with a contribution of $3,300.

This Is About Retribution Now

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In a recent PBS Podcast with the Washington Week and The Atlantic, Elaina Plott Calabro, a staff writer for The Atlantic, commented on Trump’s behavior. She explained that Trump’s campaign messaging in 2016 differed, and he was “enjoying the showmanship aspect of it.” However, regarding Trump’s 2024 campaign, she said, “You don’t get that now. This is about retribution now.”

The Downfall of a Presidency

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She noted that she found the changes in Trump’s campaign “to be quite striking.” She further stated, “I mean, this is someone who genuinely believes the election was stolen from him, and that a number of people contributed to the downfall of a presidency that otherwise he believes all of America wanted to continue.”

Exacting Revenge on His Enemies

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She explained in the PBS podcast that “for him becoming president now, it’s not just sort of a joking, winking proposition. It’s something he genuinely wants to assume that kind of power in the White House and exact revenge on enemies.”

Money and Revenge

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People went online to comment on the most recent article in the Atlantic. One user wrote, “The thing about him is he doesn’t believe any ideology, none. Not Republican, not fascist, not christian, not any of it. He believes only in himself and that he should be idolized, period. How he gets that adulation is immaterial… Money and Revenge are the only things he cares even remotely about.”  

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