“He Cannot Even Run a Company, Let Alone a Country”: Trump’s Business Empire Is Crumbling


Former President Donald Trump’s venture into social media with Truth Social has apparently encountered significant financial challenges. Trump launched the platform in early 2022. However, recent filings disclose a substantial loss in net sales, raising questions about the platform’s viability.

Trump Media & Technology Group’s Bold Launch

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In a striking move, Donald Trump ventured into the tech world by founding the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) in 2021. The company had aspirations to rival established tech giants, notably Facebook. TMTG represented a bold new direction for Trump, signaling his intent to make a mark in the digital arena.


The Financial Struggle of Truth Social

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Truth Social, Trump’s flagship product under TMTG, faced immediate financial hurdles, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. The platform recorded a $50 million loss in 2022, with just $1.4 million in net sales. Even with a slight uptick in 2023, financial stability remained elusive, indicating ongoing struggles in a competitive market.


Trump’s Valuable Stake in the Platform

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The value of Donald Trump’s stake in Truth Social is estimated between $5 and $25 million. This significant financial interest ties Trump’s personal wealth directly to the platform’s performance. As such, this makes the platform’s success crucial to its financial portfolio, particularly for the future. 


An Uncertain Future for TMTG

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Financial analysts have cast doubt on the future of TMTG. They have cited concerns from the company’s auditors. The auditors’ skepticism about TMTG’s sustainability demonstrates the gravity of its financial issues. Some people believe that it signals potential trouble ahead for the company.


The Pending TMTG and DWAC Merger

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The awaited merger between TMTG and Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC) hangs in the balance. DWAC has explicitly stated that the merger’s fruition heavily depends on Truth Social’s ability to reverse its financial fortunes. The merger represents a vital lifeline for Truth Social, potentially providing much-needed financial support. 


Musk’s Twitter Takeover

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Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter and his decision to reinstate previously banned accounts have intensified the competition for Truth Social. This move by Musk could potentially divert users and attention away from Trump’s platform. Meta’s introduction of Threads has also drawn key figures from the Biden administration, signaling a shift in social media preferences. 


Developments in Trump’s Legal Challenges

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In the latest twist in Donald Trump’s ongoing legal saga, his former attorney, Jenna Ellis, has started working with prosecutors. Her cooperation concerns the attempts to overturn the Georgia election results. She has offered prosecutors insights into the administration’s mindset following the 2020 election. 


Insights from a Christmas 2020 Conversation

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Ellis and Dan Scavino, a former White House official, had a revealing conversation just before Christmas 2020. Apparently, this conversation highlighted the administration’s resolve to maintain power. This exchange offers a glimpse into the mindset within Trump’s inner circle during a critical juncture.


Trump’s Defense Team in Manhattan

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In Manhattan, Trump’s defense team has initiated their defense strategy. They are addressing charges against the Trump Organization, aiming to counter the allegations with strong legal arguments. During a court session, Donald Trump Jr. dedicated significant time to highlighting the Trump Organization’s history and achievements. 


New York Attorney General’s Response

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New York Attorney General Letitia James responded critically to Donald Trump Jr.’s courtroom presentation. She questioned the effectiveness of his defense strategy. She stressed her skepticism regarding the validity of the arguments against the allegations facing the Trump family and their organization.


Reactions to Trump’s Business Strategies

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The public has voiced strong opinions on the financial difficulties facing Truth Social and the Trump Organization. One person commented, “This man has filed for bankruptcy several times and is headed for another. He cannot even run a company, let alone a country. Kick him to the curb.” Another added, “Just like all his other business failures……Where has he actually made a profit?” 


Concerns Over Trump’s Leadership Style

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Other users were more critical of Trump’s leadership style. One user stated, “Republicans will put their political party over the best interests of the country at large. Trump has no plans, no agenda other than revenge against those who offended him.” Some users appear concerned that Trump’s leadership may prioritize personal vendettas over national interests.


The Constitutional Debate and Trump’s Impact

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The impact of Trump’s leadership style on the U.S. Constitution has raised alarms. A critic remarked, “Putting a Narcissistic sociopath in charge of this country over the US Constitution is merely asking that our country be destroyed.” This comment demonstrates fears about the potential harm to the nation’s democratic and constitutional stability under Trump’s guidance.


Views of Trump’s Presidency

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Public opinion remains divided over Trump’s continued support. This is despite the controversies surrounding his presidency and business ventures. One person expressed their confusion, saying, “I’ll never understand why idiots want this moron as president?” Some users cannot understand Trump’s continued popularity despite numerous challenges.


The Downward Spiral of Trump’s Business Ventures

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Some critics have noted a pattern of decline in Trump’s business ventures. A comment reading, “How poetic – Trump business models down in flames.” Some users believe that Trump’s business failures, including Truth Social, are part of a larger trend of unsuccessful business endeavors.


Financial Maneuvers and Tax Implications

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Accusations regarding Trump’s financial tactics have surfaced. One individual argued, “He will take this loss as an IRS tax deduction and most likely get a huge tax refund while the rest of us pay more than our fair share of taxes.” Such comments raise questions about the fairness and legality of Trump’s financial strategies, especially compared to the average taxpayer.


Trump’s History of Business Setbacks

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Donald Trump’s history of business failures, particularly his multiple bankruptcies, has been a focal point of public discussion. Observers point to this track record as an example of his questionable capabilities as a business leader. They argue that this affects his skills as a president, too.


Investigating Truth Social’s Financial Management

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Some people have called for a thorough investigation into the financial management of Truth Social. One user said, “I would check the books to see what Trump siphoned the money from Truth Social. Follow the money.” This reflects a desire for transparency and accountability regarding the financial operations of Trump’s latest business venture.



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