“He’ll Lose His Re-Election in Florida”: Floridians Are Fuming as DeSantis Ditches Trump


In the dynamic landscape of American politics, the evolving view of Florida Republicans towards Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump paints a compelling picture. DeSantis secured a second term as governor with significant support. However, his presidential aspirations have stirred many opinions among his constituents.

DeSantis’ Diminishing Favor Among Florida Republicans

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Despite his re-election as Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis faces dwindling support among state Republicans for his presidential campaign. This shift in support reflects the intricate dynamics within the GOP. Currently, members are reassessing their allegiance between DeSantis and other political figures.

Trump’s Growing Popularity in Florida

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In Florida’s political sphere, Trump’s influence has surged, capturing the allegiance of many Republicans. This wave of support is reshaping the state’s political dynamics as Floridian GOP members increasingly gravitate towards Trump. This trend significantly overshadows other Republican contenders, including Governor Ron DeSantis.

Voter Perspectives on DeSantis’ Presidential Bid

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Republican voter Sally Maltais shared the growing discontent among Florida’s GOP base towards Governor DeSantis’ presidential ambitions. Maltais perceives DeSantis’ move as a disregard for the backing he initially received from Trump. “He backstabbed our president,” Maltais said. “And now I have no respect for DeSantis. I’m sorry. I don’t.” 

Maltais’ View on DeSantis’ Loyalty

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Maltais strongly condemned DeSantis for what she sees as disloyalty to Trump. Her criticism is rooted in betrayal, as she believes DeSantis owes much of his political success to Trump’s support. This is a prevalent view among those in the GOP who prioritize loyalty and steadfastness in their leaders.

Concerns Over DeSantis’ Focus

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Maltais also expressed apprehension regarding DeSantis’ commitment to his role as governor during his presidential campaign. “I’m a little upset that he’s out campaigning as president because I voted for him to do a job here as governor,” she explained. This concern, shared by other Floridians, suggests that DeSantis’ national political ambitions might be coming at the cost of his duties.

Victor Alvarez’s Take on the GOP Primary

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Victor Alvarez, another Republican voter, claimed that Trump’s lead in the GOP primary is unbeatable. He stated, “I believe Trump will win in ’24, and it’s not going to be an issue of somebody else running.” This reflects a strong belief within the party that Trump is the clear frontrunner for the 2024 presidential nomination, leaving little room for other candidates.

Trump’s Dominance in Polls

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Polling data, particularly from sources like RealClearPolitics, consistently show Trump leading significantly in both Florida and national GOP primaries. These polls clearly show Trump’s dominant position within the Republican party. They show his widespread support and the formidable challenge he poses to other candidates in the primaries.

The Upcoming Republican Debate

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The upcoming Republican debate, scheduled for December 6, is drawing significant attention. However, Trump’s anticipated absence from this event is seen as a strategic move. To some, it shows his confidence in maintaining his lead in the polls without participating in traditional campaign events. To others, it shows his fear of being upstaged by his rivals.

Reactions to DeSantis and Trump

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Online discussions about DeSantis and Trump show a wide spectrum of opinions. Comments range from outright hate to reluctant respect. One commenter highlighted the perceived absurdity of their political ambitions, saying, “pathetic to think either of these two egomaniacs, DeSantis or Trump, will do anything for the Country.”

Opinions on DeSantis’ Alleged Betrayal

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The internet is abuzz with opinions on DeSantis’ perceived betrayal of Trump, with many expressing their views bluntly. A notable comment was, “He backstabbed President Biden? Republicans know who won by now, right? It wasn’t even close.” This statement reflects a sense of surprise toward the political drama unfolding within the GOP.

Views on Trump’s Prospects in the General Election

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The skepticism about Trump’s potential success in the general election is clear among some social media users. Comments like “Trump winning in the general election is essentially nil as well” showcase the doubt and cynicism prevalent among observers. These opinions point towards a deeper understanding of the electoral process and Trump’s challenges beyond the primaries.

DeSantis’ Political Strategy and Future

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Critics actively discuss DeSantis’ political strategy and future, especially about Trump. One user said, “Ronnie better take a step back, or he’ll lose his re-election in Florida,” suggesting a strategic dilemma for DeSantis. Another added, “I have a feeling he’ll try to kiss and make up with Trump because he has no chance to be president.” 

Public Perception of DeSantis and Trump

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Public opinion on DeSantis and Trump appears sharply divided, with many expressing disillusionment. A user’s remark, “Hard to drain the swamp when you are the swamp,” shows some cynicism towards both politicians. This perspective points to a broader dissatisfaction with the perceived self-serving nature of these political figures.

The Florida Voting Rights Controversy

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The controversy surrounding DeSantis’ handling of voting rights in Florida has sparked intense reactions. One user said, “I thought it was a smooth way to use his private Florida police force telling convicts they had restored voting rights and then arresting them for voting.” This issue has raised serious concerns about the intersection of law enforcement, governance, and electoral integrity.

The Challenge of Political Integrity

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The theme of political integrity, or the lack thereof, is a recurring topic in discussions about DeSantis and Trump. Critiques such as “Plenty of reasons not to like DeSantis, turning on Trump isn’t one of them” highlight the complex layers of disapproval and disappointment. These reactions suggest a broader conversation about political leadership.

Diverse Opinions on DeSantis’ Alignment with Trump

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Opinions on DeSantis’ relationship with Trump showcase a range of perspectives. Some criticize him for his perceived betrayal of Trump, while others condemn his initial support of Trump. One user said, “DeSantis is regarded by the common people as a self-serving prevaricator, by the wise as fallacious, and by the Republicans as useful.” 

DeSantis’ Reputation Among Different Groups

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Governor DeSantis’ reputation varies significantly among the population. Some view him as opportunistic, while others consider him a practical choice for the GOP. This diversity in perception reflects the complex nature of political reputation, where one’s actions and affiliations can lead to widely varying interpretations and support levels among the electorate.

The Impact of DeSantis’ Presidential Campaign on Florida’s Governance

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The ongoing discourse about Governor DeSantis’ presidential campaign has raised questions about its impact on his senator duties in Florida. Critics and supporters discuss the implications of his national political ambitions on state governance. Some Floridians express concern that his focus on the presidential race might stop him from addressing pressing issues within the state. 


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