“Someone Is Really Desperate”: Report Casts Doubt Over Biden’s Involvement With Son’s Business


Politico released a report this month that claimed there were doubts over Biden’s claims he had no involvement with his son Hunter Biden’s business. In their investigation, Politico seemed to prove that President Biden had dinner with his son and a Ukrainian executive at Cafe Milano. But is this really enough to cast doubt over Biden’s involvement in his son’s dealings?

Politico Reviews Testimony

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At the beginning of their report, Politico stated they had undergone a “review of recent congressional testimony and exhibits, along with court filings and media reports,” which they say “casts doubt on several statements made by Biden and his representatives.”

Biden Denies Claims He Discussed Business Dealings

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The first of Biden’s claims they cast doubt on was that he had nothing to do with his son Hunter’s business dealings, where he denied having a business dinner with a Ukrainian energy exec. However, emails from Hunter’s laptop told a different story.

Email Thanked Hunter for Meeting With Father

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Politico reported, “Emails from the cache suggested that Hunter Biden hosted a dinner in a private room at the Tony Washington restaurant that included both his father and an executive from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, which had appointed Hunter Biden to its board. An email from the executive, dated immediately following the dinner, thanked Hunter Biden for the chance to meet his father.”

Dinner at Café Milano

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Politico reported that during Devon Archer’s testimony, “a former Hunter Biden business partner who was present at the dinner.” It was stated that “the Ukrainian executive did dine with Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and several others at Cafe Milano in April 2015.”

White House Said There Was No Meeting

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In several instances, the White House had previously insisted that no formal or informal meeting between President Biden and the executive had taken place.

White House Ruled Out Any “Informal Encounter”

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In an email to the White House, Politico asked, “Does this rule out any informal encounter with Pozharskyi in April 2015?”. “Yes,” the White House spokesman reportedly wrote back.

The President Was Not in Business With His Son

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Politico asked the White House for further comments once they pointed out that Hunter’s business partner had testified contrary to their statements. Politico reported that the White House response was, “As we have said many times before, the President was not in business with his son or anyone else in the family, and House Republicans’ own witnesses, including Devon Archer, have testified that the President never even discussed business with his son.”

Russia Seeking to Harm Biden’s Presidential Campaign

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It has been stated in the report by Politico that US intelligence had warned earlier that Russia had been attempting to “harm Biden’s candidacy” by “pushing unsubstantiated corruption claims related to the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma.”

No Evidence That Biden Received Any Financial Benefit

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Furthermore, there is still no evidence that President Biden has profited in any way concerning Hunter’s business dealings.

Hunter’s Business Partner Discussed Chinese Business Plan

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The Politico report continued to highlight that Biden had involvement in his son’s business dealings with a Chinese energy company. “In October 2020, a former Hunter Biden business partner, Tony Bobulinski, said that he discussed Hunter Biden’s Chinese business ventures with Joe Biden,” Politico reported. Politico highlighted that Bobulinski had previously said “in a prepared statement” that the claims were false.

A Meeting With Joe

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However, the report highlighted a further statement by the former business partner. “At my approximately hour-long meeting with Joe that night, we discussed the Bidens’ history, the Bidens’ family business plans with the Chinese, with which he was plainly familiar, at least at a high level,” Bobulinski said in the statement.

Hunter Made Money From a Chinese Energy Company

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The article by Politico stated, “The more general claim that Hunter Biden did not make money from China is false.” It continued, “Hunter Biden acknowledged hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments from a Chinese energy firm, CEFC, and people associated with it, after his father’s vice presidency.”

Profiting From the Biden Name

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Politico further reported that Hunter’s former business partner Bobulinski had said that “James and Hunter Biden ‘believed CEFC owed them money for the benefits that accrued to CEFC through its use of the Biden family name to advance their business dealings,’ according to the FBI’s summary of the interview.”

Republicans Launched an Impeachment Inquiry

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Republicans have acknowledged that the information presented during a committee hearing has provided them with sufficient grounds to initiate their impeachment inquiry.

Subpoenas Issued for Bank Records

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Upon the conclusion of the hearing, House Oversight Chair James Comer declared the issuance of subpoenas for the bank records (both personal and business bank records) for Hunter Biden and his brother, James Biden.

Forensic Accountant Stated Not Enough Evidence

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Furthermore, one of the witnesses presented by the GOP, forensic accountant Bruce Dubinsky, countered the primary narrative of Republicans by stating that, based on the current evidence, he could not definitively conclude the existence of “corruption” by the Biden family.

An Unmitigated Disaster

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In a further blow to the Republicans’ plans, a senior GOP aide reportedly told CNN, “You want witnesses that make your case. Picking witnesses that refute House Republicans’ arguments for impeachment is mind-blowing.” The senior aide called the inquiry “an unmitigated disaster.”

Someone Is Really Desperate

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People commented online on the Politico report. One user wrote, “After reading this, my first thought is ‘Wow someone is really desperate to try to and link Joe Biden to Hunters dealings’ and the second thought is ‘there was better evidence that Trump was a Russian asset.’”

Normalizing Corruption in Trumpshere

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Another posted, “I’m not corrupt. You’re corrupt. That’s basically the Republican strategy for normalizing corruption in Trumpshere.”

This Will Be the Smoking Gun

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“Surely, this will be the smoking gun that finally brings down the Bidens! Can’t wait to see how ol’ Joey B wriggles his way out of this one!” said another.  


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