“That Orange Clown Despised Latinos”: Tensions Boil Over as Hispanic Voters Shift to Trump in “Rather Odd” Twist


As the 2024 U.S. presidential election approaches, a significant shift in media coverage and voter sentiments is emerging. Notably, Univision, a top Spanish-speaking television network, appears to be realigning its stance toward former President Donald Trump. This development, alongside various factors, contributes to an intriguing political landscape.

Univision’s New Perspective on Trump

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Recently, Univision has displayed a noticeable change in its attitude towards Donald Trump. This shift comes after the 2022 merger of the Mexican media company Grupo Televisa with Univision, forming TelevisaUnivision. This transformation in the network’s editorial stance is seen as a potential influence on Hispanic voters.

TelevisaUnivision’s Impact on Hispanic Media

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The merger of Grupo Televisa and Univision into TelevisaUnivision marks a significant event in Hispanic media. This collaboration unites two major forces in Spanish-language broadcasting. It could potentially reshape the media landscape and influence Hispanic communities’ perspectives, including their political views.


Trump’s Reconciliation with Univision

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The Washington Post has highlighted the relationship between Trump and Univision. This is a clear contrast to 2020 when Trump’s campaign labeled Univision as encouraging leftist ideology. The recent developments indicate a substantial shift in the relationship between the former President and the influential network.


Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Interview with Univision Executives

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In a symbolic gesture of this newfound relationship, Trump hosted Univision executives at Mar-a-Lago. This meeting ended in an hour-long interview, which was noted for its friendly tone. It reflects a significant change in the dynamic between Trump and the network that once criticized him.


Jared Kushner’s Role in the Univision Interview

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Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was pivotal in arranging the Univision interview. Apparently, he used his connections with one of the executives to score the interview for Trump. Kushner’s involvement shows the strategic relationships Trump maintains and utilizes for media engagement.


Enrique Acevedo’s Interview and Trump’s Latino Support

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Televisa journalist Enrique Acevedo’s interview with Trump was broadcast on Univision. It focused on Trump’s increasing support among Latinos. Acevedo referenced a New York Times/Siena College poll. This clearly demonstrated Trump’s narrowing gap with Biden among Hispanic voters.


Trump’s Rising Popularity Among Hispanic Voters

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Recent polls indicate a significant increase in Trump’s support among Latino voters. Considering the 2020 CNN exit polls and Pew Research findings, this shift is noteworthy. The previous polls showed a substantial lead for Biden among this demographic. Clearly, there has been a significant change in Party support.


Trump’s 2020 Performance with Latino Voters

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In the 2020 Presidential Election, Trump’s performance among Hispanic voters markedly improved from 2016. Despite losing to Biden among Latinos, his gains reflected a growing appeal to this demographic. This trend appears to be continuing, at least by the results of the recent polls.


Trump’s Comments on Latino Voters’ Preferences

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Trump directly addressed his growing Latino support. He praised their entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic. He highlighted the success of Univision’s owners as an example of this. He attributed their achievements to qualities resonating with his policies and perspectives. This was an attempt to forge a relationship between the two.


Trump Leading Biden in Key States with Hispanic Populations

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Acevedo pointed out in the interview that recent polls show Trump leading Biden in states with significant Hispanic populations. This includes states such as Arizona and Nevada. If it holds, this trend could be crucial in the upcoming election, especially given these states’ electoral significance.


The Washington Post’s Criticism of Acevedo’s Interviewing Approach

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During the interview, the Washington Post critiqued Acevedo for not challenging Trump more aggressively. However, Acevedo defended his methodology. He stressed his role as a reporter to encourage information flow rather than seeking prominence. He argued that he was deliberately being impartial during the interview.


Acevedo’s Response to Criticisms of the Interview

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Acevedo responded to criticisms of his interviewing style on social media. He reiterated his commitment to journalism. He argued that he focused on asking questions and letting the information stand independently. He claimed this would allow viewers to form their own judgments instead of creating one for them to follow.


Univision’s Interview Broadcast Strategy

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Univision decided to air the Trump interview during its prime 10 p.m. slot. They did this without allowing counter-programming ads from the Biden campaign. This demonstrates the network’s strategic approach to political coverage. This move indicates a significant shift in Univision’s political broadcasting strategy.


Controversial Opinions on Wealth Redistribution

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Discussions on social media have intensified around the concept of wealth redistribution, with one user stating, “Nobody wants to give away what they’ve worked for.” This reflects a strong belief in self-reliance and individual effort, suggesting that policies favoring redistribution might not resonate with many in the Hispanic community who value hard work.


Predictions of a Hispanic Voting Shift

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Other users made predictions about the apparent shifts in Hispanic voting patterns. One user said, “When the tide finally turns, and Latinos vote more Republican than Democrat, the Dems will be pointing fingers at each other over their border, or rather no border, policy.” This prediction hints at potential internal conflicts within the Democratic Party.


Debates on Immigration and Hispanic Values

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Some users addressed Trump’s stance on immigration. One user said, “You guys are all crazy. He only said that of the illegals/criminals. Hispanics are proud people. They don’t like others coming over illegally and committing crimes.” This perspective suggests that some of the Hispanic community might appreciate stricter immigration policies.


Diverse Reactions to Trump’s Immigration Policies

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A critic of Trump’s policies expressed, “Rather odd, considering that Orange clown despised Latinos and wanted to build the ‘wall’ and charge them for it.” In contrast, another user pointed out, “It will be hilarious when all of the illegal immigrants who came in all of a sudden decide they agree with Republican values and vote red.” 


Responses to Jill Biden’s Remarks on Hispanics

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Echoing the sentiments of many, one comment read, “When Jill Biden went to San Antonio and compared Hispanics to Tacos in her prepared speech, the president’s racial prejudice was exposed again.” This incident has become a focal point for discussions on cultural understanding and the impact of political statements. It demonstrates the need for more respectful discourse in politics.


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