“Did He Expect Trump To Come To His Rescue?”: Jan 6th Defendant Whines About Trump Getting Better Treatment


The January 6, 2021, Capitol riot marked a turbulent episode in American history. Among the accused is Gregory Mijares, whose recent request to possess weapons while on trial echoes the complex aftermath of the event. Let’s explore the intricacies of the cases surrounding the riot, the charges against former President Donald Trump, and the diverse opinions shaping the public discourse.

Gregory Mijares’ Unusual Request

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Gregory Mijares, facing charges from the Capitol riot, has made a notable request to the court. He seeks permission to own a weapon, drawing a parallel to former President Donald Trump. Despite facing legal challenges, Trump retains this right. Mijares’ argument hinges on the principle of equality under the law.


The Broad Scope of Capitol Riot Charges

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In the sweeping aftermath of the Capitol attack, over a thousand individuals, including Mijares, have been indicted. A significant number of these defendants were influenced by Trump’s claims of a stolen election. They believe they were acting on the former president’s directives. Their actions, they argue, were a response to a call to protect democracy.


Trump’s Legal Challenges

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Former President Donald Trump is confronting a series of grave charges. These include allegations tied to his attempts to overturn the election results and his involvement in the January 6 events. The severity of these charges reflects the potential impact of Trump’s actions on the nation’s democratic processes and the rule of law.


The Defense’s Argument for Weapon Possession

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Jerry Ray Smith Jr., representing Mijares, has approached the court with a request for his client to possess a bow and arrows for hunting purposes. Smith contrasts Mijares’ situation with Trump’s, noting that despite facing charges, Trump faces no restrictions on weapon possession. This comparison aims to question the consistency in legal treatment between the two individuals.


Prosecutors Dismiss Comparisons to Trump

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Prosecutors have strongly rejected the comparison between Mijares and Trump, emphasizing its inapplicability. They point out a crucial distinction: Trump has not been charged with engaging in violent acts at the Capitol. This difference, they argue, is significant in considering Mijares’ request for weapon possession.


Trump’s Unique Secret Service Protection

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U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves has highlighted a key aspect of Trump’s situation – his Secret Service protection. As a former president, Trump is entitled to this security, which includes armed guards. Graves’ argument highlights the uniqueness of Trump’s circumstances compared to Mijares’, who lacks such high-level protection.


Trump’s Four Charges Explained

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Trump faces serious accusations, including conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government and obstructing an official proceeding. These charges stem from his alleged efforts to undermine the electoral process and his actions during the Capitol riot. The seriousness of these charges emphasizes the serious implications of his alleged conduct.


Special Counsel’s Accusations Against Trump

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Special counsel Jack Smith has leveled substantial accusations against Trump. Smith asserts that Trump attempted to subvert the election certification process and exploited the chaos of the Capitol riot to cling to power. These allegations paint a picture of a concerted effort to overturn democratic norms.


Trump’s Plea and Denial of Charges

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In response to the charges against him, Trump has entered a plea of not guilty. He has categorically denied all allegations, both on social media and in public. He has branded the charges as a politically motivated witch hunt aimed at sabotaging his potential run in the 2024 presidential election.


Focus on Capitol Riot in Trump’s Trial

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The trial against Trump is expected to heavily feature the events of the Capitol riot. Prosecutors argue that the riot represents Trump’s ultimate attempt to maintain his hold on power. They claim that he tried to use this power as a last resort in his efforts to challenge the election results.


Mijares’ Actions During the Capitol Riot

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Accused of being one of the first to breach the Capitol, Mijares reportedly donned a gas mask and tactical vest during the riot. He is alleged to have assaulted police officers. Prosecutors claim that he played a direct role in the violence that ensued at the Capitol and which remains in the memories of many Americans.


Mijares’ Charges and Weapon Ban

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Facing three counts for his alleged involvement in the Capitol riot, Mijares has been prohibited from owning weapons. This ban reflects the court’s concern over the violent nature of his purported actions. They argue that Mijares poses a potential threat to community safety and that he should, therefore, be stopped from owning a firearm.


Public Reaction 

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Some users felt anger and a sense of betrayal about the news. One user commented, “These will be the dangerous ones toward Trump. They will be disillusioned, angry, and vengeful.” This perspective suggests a brewing resentment among those who feel misled by Trump’s language, leading to serious consequences for their actions.


Criticism of the Justice System

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The justice system’s handling of the Capitol riot cases has drawn sharp criticism from the public. Voices in the community express frustration, captured in a comment like, “It’s that two-tiered justice system Trump always whines about.” Another user said, “He’s right. All the plotters and organizers are still walking free. 2-tiered Justice system. One for us plebs, one for the rich.” 


The Call for More Radicalized Trump Supporters in Prison

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Some people call for the imprisonment of radicalized Trump supporters. This sentiment is captured in the straightforward statement, “The more radicalized Trumpers in prison, the better for the rest of the country.” This comment reflects a desire to see those who participated in the riot held accountable, viewing their incarceration as beneficial for national safety and healing.


Mijares’ Misplaced Expectations of Trump

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The public’s take on Mijares’ expectations from Trump is laced with criticism and skepticism. One user said, “That idiot thinks he’s going to get better treatment or even the same treatment? Get serious. He paid a price for Trump – he knew in advance that Trump doesn’t pay his workers, so why did he expect Trump to come to his rescue or ensure his people were treated fairly? Trump is out for Trump – not anyone else.” 


The Fallout of Unfulfilled Promises

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One user felt disillusioned with Trump. They said, “Yes, he is, but you could have stayed home instead of storming the capitol.” This statement reflects a broader narrative of regret and the harsh realization. Supporting Trump has led to serious legal and personal consequences, contrary to his assurances or expectations of support.


The Public’s Sardonic View of Trump’s Lack of Support

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Some used sarcasm to talk about Trump’s lack of support for the Capitol rioters. One user said, “Look what Trump has done for all those who rioted for him. Attended all their trials. Donated money to their defense. Visited them in prison. NOT.” This statement highlights a perceived abandonment by Trump of those who acted in his name.



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