“She’s a Trump Enabler and Election Denier”: Biden Campaign Calls Nikki Haley “MAGA Extremist” for Her Stance on Abortion


The Biden-Harris campaign has recently called GOP candidate Nikki Hayley a “MAGA Extremist” for her recent statements over abortion laws. It is not the first time Biden’s campaign has described her as such, but as “wealthy anti-Trump donors” endorse her, is Biden starting to worry that Hayley could win over the MAGA crowd and race to Presidential victory?

Haley Is Having a Moment

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A recent article by Politico writers Ryan Lizza, Rachael Bade and Eugene Daniels stated that “Nikki Haley is officially having a moment.” The report said, “Conservative opinion columnists are apologizing for underestimating her.” And they further highlighted that “Wealthy anti-Trump donors are circling her.” Is this starting to worry the Biden campaign?  

Merits Careful Attention

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In the article, Politico stated that when Haley announced her candidacy for the White House, the New York Times and other news outlets had “ mocked her chances.” Politico then noted, “But we pointed out that she was being underestimated and merited careful attention. That’s still the case,” they claimed.  

Hayley Would Sign an Abortion Ban

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Hayley, who has allocated $10 million for advertising in Iowa, recently participated in a debate in the state. According to CBS News, during the event hosted by evangelical president and CEO of the Family Leader, Bob Vander Plaats, she affirmed her willingness to sign a six-week abortion ban if she were still serving as the governor of South Carolina. “I am unapologetically pro-life,” Haley responded.  

Anti-abortion MAGA Extremist

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The Biden-Harris campaign was quick to call Hayley out on her pro-life stance. A spokesperson for Biden’s campaign stated, “Nikki Haley is no moderate — she’s an anti-abortion MAGA extremist who wants to rip away women’s freedoms just like she did when she was South Carolina governor. Now Haley is promising to bring that same fear, anxiety, and dread she forced on South Carolina women to every woman in the country.”  

A Dangerous Anti-freedom Agenda

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The statement continued, “Whether it’s DONALD TRUMP, Nikki Haley, or any other MAGA extremist – the entire field is running on a dangerous anti-freedom agenda that the American people have made clear they do not want.”  

An Attempt to Whitewash Her Record

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A statement from DNC spokesperson Sarafina Chitika is also present on the DNC website. The statement reads, “No one should be fooled by Nikki Haley’s attempt to whitewash her record – Haley is a MAGA extremist campaigning on a national abortion ban, lauds election deniers, and wants to gut Social Security and Medicare.”  

Cozy Relationships With Foreign Lobbyists

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Chitika continued her statement, “As governor she worked with the Chinese Communist Party’s business interests and is under fire for her cozy relationships with foreign lobbyists and big business. That’s a toxic, losing agenda the American people have repeatedly rejected, and will again.”  

Haley Threatened Doctors With Jail

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“And her anti-abortion extremism is nothing new: she signed an abortion ban as governor that had no exceptions for rape or incest and threatened doctors with jail time.” The spokesperson for the DNC concluded.  

Very Pro-life

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On the DNC website, they highlighted instances where Hayley had previously advocated for a ban on abortion, citing news articles and quoting the GOP nominee. The DNC drew attention to an article by Newsweek that stated, “Haley described herself as ‘very pro-life’ and has spent most of her political career fighting for anti-abortion legislation, including signing a law as South Carolina governor in 2016 banning the procedure in most circumstances after 19 weeks of pregnancy unless the mother’s life is at risk.”  

No Exceptions for Rape or Incest

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They also highlighted an article by TIME, which read, “The law passed the General Assembly last week and blocks women from having abortions after 19 weeks of pregnancy, with no exceptions for rape or incest… Doctors who violate the law could face a fine or jail time.”  

An Attempt to Win Over the MAGA Base

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The DNC also wrote that “Haley will align herself with anyone to win over the MAGA base – she spent the last year campaigning with MAGA Republicans who have worked to undermine our democracy, and her first Congressional endorser and New Hampshire campaign chair are both notorious election deniers.”  

Trump Is Needed in the Republican Party

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The DNC then quoted a statement made by Haley in October 2021, in which she said, “‘[Trump] has a strong legacy from his administration…We need him in the Republican Party. I don’t want us to go back to the days before Trump.’”  

Biden’s Campaign Has Called Her MAGA Republican Before

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The Biden campaign and the DNC have previously criticized Hayley, labeling her as a “MAGA Extremist” with “no concrete plan” to enhance the nation’s public school system. This characterization was also employed when she expressed support for the right-wing group Moms for Liberty, known for advocating book bans in schools.  

Pandering to the Extreme Right

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Kevin Munoz, spokesperson for the Biden campaign, had previously told Fox News that Haley was trying to win over the “extreme” right.  

Republicans Are Out of Touch

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Munoz said that Haley’s policies on education were “just a retread of the same extreme policy points the other Republican candidates are echoing, reminding Americans just how out of touch 2024 Republicans are.”  

Appeasing a Right-Wing, Extremist Group

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Munoz said her support for the group Moms for Liberty was “an extreme attempt to appease a right-wing, extremist group that cares about banning books in schools instead of keeping our children safe from gun violence.”  

Children Are Not Political Pawns

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Biden’s campaign spokesperson concluded by stating, “Our students shouldn’t be used as political pawns — they need real leadership and real solutions from their president.” He added, “President Biden is that leader.”  

Then Count Me as One of Them

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Haley noted that the Biden campaign had called her a “MAGA extremist” when she participated in an event with the group Moms for Liberty. She reportedly joked, “Then count me as one of them!”  

They Should Just Call Her a Nazi Too

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Online, opinions were divided regarding the accusations of Hayley being a MAGA extremist. One User posted, “She’s a Trump enabler and election denier, but definitely not a MAGA extremist. I could honestly envision Biden offering her a key foreign policy role in his 2nd administration.” Another claimed, “Since they are lying, they should just call her a Nazi too.”


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