“Obama Spied on Me!” – Trump’s Obsession With Obama Sparks Concern


The political landscape in the United States often has unique relationships, particularly involving former Presidents. An example is the ongoing narrative crafted by former President Donald Trump. Despite his defeat by President Joe Biden in the 2020 election, Trump persistently references his predecessor, Barack Obama, in various public statements and rallies.

Trump’s Persistent Focus on Obama

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Donald Trump frequently references Barack Obama in his speeches. This tendency is important, considering Trump’s actual electoral defeat was at the hands of Joe Biden. Trump’s fixation on Obama includes claims of having beaten Obama in the 2016 election and suggestions that Obama is secretly influencing the current administration.

The Obama-Trump Rivalry

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The ongoing emphasis Trump places on Obama might have personal roots. Some have traced it back to the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, where Obama humorously targeted Trump. This incident might have sparked a longstanding grudge, influencing Trump’s continuous references to Obama rather than Biden.

Analyzing Trump’s Motivations

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Harold Holzer is an expert at Hunter College. Holzer suggests that Trump’s obsession might be rooted in a combination of envy and racial undertones. He said, “It’s partly envy, partly racism.” He highlighted that Obama achieved what Trump was unable to do: win a second term. This perspective sheds light on Trump’s relentless comparison and contrast with his predecessor.

Trump’s Base and Obama’s Image

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Trump has consistently portrayed Obama as the secret force behind the current administration. This claim resonates powerfully with some of his base, who hold negative opinions of Obama. This idea diverges from the broader Republican strategy. Holzer notes, “It obviously works for the extreme of his base to say Obama is secretly running the big show.”

The GOP’s Different Strategy

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The Republican Party often spotlights figures like Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar to drive its fundraising and political messaging. This approach contrasts with Trump’s singular attention to Obama. It highlights a broader spectrum of liberal targets for the GOP. The party’s choice to avoid centering Obama suggests a calculated move to appeal to a wider conservative base.

Trump’s Praise for Authoritarian Leaders

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At a rally in New Hampshire, Trump praised authoritarian leader Viktor Orban, the president of Hungary. At the same time, he continued to assert that Obama still held presidential power. This peculiar claim blurs political realities and signals Trump’s strategic maneuver to animate his base. 

Confusing Biden with Obama

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In various speeches, Trump mistakenly referred to Obama when he meant to address Joe Biden. Notable instances of this occurred in Iowa and Washington, D.C., where Trump claimed victories over Obama, not Hillary Clinton, his actual 2016 opponent. This recurring confusion raises questions about Trump’s intent and whether these slip-ups are strategic or genuine errors.

The ‘Obama as Puppet Master’ Theory

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Trump has boldly claimed that Barack Obama is the true power behind Joe Biden’s presidency. This theory, presented without substantiating evidence, is repeatedly shared with Trump’s followers as if it were an established fact. The persistence of this narrative, despite its speculative nature, reflects Trump’s continued effort to frame Obama as a secret puppet master.

Media Corrections of Trump’s Statements

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During appearances like the “Brian Kilmeade Show,” Trump’s mix-up of Biden with Obama prompted corrections from media figures. Despite these interventions, Trump stuck to his narrative, insisting, without evidence, that Obama played a pivotal role in Biden’s presidency. Even in the face of factual corrections, this shows Trump’s commitment to this particular storyline.

Trump Campaign’s Silence

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The Trump campaign has remained silent in response to requests for comments on Trump’s assertions about Obama. Media figures, including Brian Kilmeade, recognize Trump’s conviction in his claims about Obama’s influence. Kilmeade said, “He’s convinced Barack Obama’s running the country,” points to a sincerely held perspective, regardless of its factual basis.

Obama’s Ongoing Influence

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Obama remains a significant figure in national and international politics, offering his viewpoints and meeting with current President Joe Biden. However, the idea that he controls the White House operations is unfounded. This narrative lacks concrete evidence to support the level of influence attributed to Obama.

The Role of Former Presidents

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Jeffrey Engel is from Southern Methodist University. He spoke about the unique relationship among former presidents, who often provide mutual counsel based on shared experiences. As Engel suggests, Trump’s reluctance to seek or acknowledge such advice from Obama may be rooted in a perception that doing so would signify weakness. 

Trump’s Deep-Seated Views on Obama

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Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, highlights in his book the depth of Trump’s hatred towards Obama. This antagonism was evident in various actions and statements throughout Trump’s presidency and continues to manifest post-presidency. Cohen’s insights reveal Trump’s longstanding personal and political hostility against Obama.

Trump’s Efforts to Counter Obama’s Legacy

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Throughout his presidency, Trump actively worked to dismantle Obama’s policies. This involved Trump sharing what he claimed to be Obama’s home address, leading to a dramatic security incident. This act underscores the extent of Trump’s efforts to undermine Obama’s legacy, blending policy opposition with personal vendettas.

Trump’s Envy and Public Perception

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Critics argue that Trump’s continuous references to Obama reflect clear feelings of envy. One user said, “Trump wishes he was half the President Obama was.” This statement suggests that Trump’s fixation might be less about political strategy and more about a personal shortfall than Obama’s presidential legacy.

The Base’s Perception and Trump’s Narrative

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Trump’s narrative about Obama’s influence has led to divisive opinions among the public. One user labeled Trump’s base as “a bunch of sorry, uneducated bigots.” Meanwhile, one user said, “Trump and his deep state fantasies. The entire world hates me, thanks to Obama. I lost in 2020, thanks to Obama. Obama spied on me! Victim of this, victim of that! Get over it!”

Trump’s Conspiracy Theories and Public Reactions

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Public reactions to Trump’s claims about Obama’s influence range from critical to mocking. One user said, “Trump has his brainwashed cult thinking Obama is running the country.” Another user said, “Trump had all the powers of the world and could not prove one of his lies to be true about Obama, Hillary, Biden, none.”

Reflections on Trump’s Presidency and Comparisons with Obama

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The comparisons between Trump and Obama’s presidencies have led to strong opinions. One individual said, “People forget the state of the economy when Obama took office… When he left, it was a stunning comeback achievement. Trump, not so much.” Additionally, Trump’s alleged inability to move past the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner insult is seen as a defining moment, with remarks like “Trump never got over the Barack insult… an EPIC take down.” 


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