“I Didn’t Have a Document”: Donald Trump’s Latest Assertion Raises Eyebrows


Donald Trump reportedly demanded that the classified documents be returned to him after he was indicted over the issue. Moreover, he kept calling them “my documents.”

The Presidential Records Act

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It’s unsurprising that Trump would have such a tantrum. Since leaving office, he’s made a habit of claiming that the classified documents were his property. He even said that the Presidential Records Act, which was passed to narrow presidential claims to such documents, entitled him to them.  

A Single Sentence

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Trump used a single sentence from the Act to back up his claim: “Presidential records of a former president shall be available to such former president or the former president’s designated representative.”  

A Legal Expert 

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Speaking to Rolling Stone, Brian Greer – an attorney – said: “Whatever one might say about his Presidential Records Act argument, there’s no argument that it immunizes him from criminal prosecution under the Espionage Act.”  

A Court-Ordered Subpoena

Donald Trump
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Greer went on to explain that the Presidential Records Act does not give the former president the right to ignore a court-ordered subpoena, which he allegedly did. It’s also worth noting that Trump appears to have trouble sticking to a single story regarding the documents.  

There Were No Documents

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In the summer, Trump said: “There was no document. That was a massive amount of papers and everything else talking about Iran and other things, and it may have been held up or may not, but that was not a document. I didn’t have a document. There was nothing to declassify. These were newspaper stories, magazine stories, and articles.”  

Highly Confidential Papers

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Contradicting the aforementioned statement, CNN reportedly obtained a recording of a meeting in 2021. In the audio, the criminal defendant can be heard looking through the papers and saying, “This is highly confidential.”  

A Delusional Man

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Given Trump’s alleged crazed cries of “my documents,” some people are starting to question the former president’s psychological state – not in terms of mental decline, but in regard to susceptibility to delusions.  

The Internet’s Response

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News of Trump’s inability to keep his story straight, along with his bizarre belief that the documents were his property, was shared across the internet. Some people genuinely felt that his behavior indicated a declining psychological state. They hypothesized about what a U.S. run by him might look like now.  

A Tantruming Child

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Others thought Trump’s behavior was better attributed to a low mental age. These people compared him to a tantruming child whose favorite toy had been confiscated due to bad behavior. Like the aforementioned comments, they also dreaded to think what a U.S. run by a 5-year-old would look like in 2024.  

Luck, Inheritance, and Potential Sociopathy

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Some people put the criminal defendant’s behavior down to plain, old stupidity. These commenters thought Trump was among the most unintelligent Americans alive today and claimed that he only got to where he is in life through luck, inheritance, and potential sociopathy.  

Wake Up, America

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One social media commenter wrote: “[Trump] is insane. He makes Nixon look like a Boy Scout. Wake up, America. We lived through Psycho Trump, and now we need to put him where he belongs – in prison for the rest of his life. End of story!”  

He’s Losing it

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Another person said: “He’s losing it. The documents belong to the government and the stealing of classified documents is a federal offense. He needs to be held accountable for theft of national secrets that he might have already shared with our [enemies].”  

Trump Can’t Cope

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Echoing the aforementioned commenters, another individual said: “Trump has been insane all of his life. With all of his crimes, traitorous activities, and fraud coming at him all at once, he can’t handle the pressure. He knows he’s in deep trouble and can’t cope with it. Maybe he can get some help while in jail.”  

A Compulsive Liar

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Others discussed Trump’s inability to think things through. One such commenter said: “He simply cannot control his emotions. He makes outrageous statements while he is obviously not in control of himself. He lost the last election and he knows it. The man is a compulsive liar.”  

A Child’s Mental Age

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Another commenter wrote: “Honestly, I think he has a child’s mental age. I know people joke about him acting like a child, but I actually mean it. It would be interesting if they actually assessed that. He’s very emotionally volatile, like a child.”  

An Emotional Mental Age Thing

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Plenty of people agreed with the previously mentioned individual. Another person said: “A lot of people are saying he’s insane, but I’m not sure that’s the best way to put it. I think it’s more of an emotional mental age thing.”  

Antisocial Personality Disorder

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One commenter discussed sociopaths and psychopaths. They wrote: “I think we’re looking at a sociopath, a genuine sociopath, whose web of lies has come crumbling down. Sociopaths are very emotional, which is what distinguishes them from psychopaths, so we’re seeing these outbursts. If he were a psychopath, he wouldn’t care that all this was happening. He’d remain cool and calculated because there wouldn’t be any stakes for him. He’s a sociopath. Of course, these aren’t actually clinical terms, and it all comes under Antisocial Personality Disorder.”  

An Unfulfilled Promise

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Others speculated about the former president’s intentions. One commenter said: “He has probably promised those documents to someone for something in return. Now he can’t produce them; he is facing consequences.”


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