“Obama Is Biden’s Boss”: Fox News Host Claims Trump’s Blunders Are a Deliberate Scheme


The former US President Trump has often mocked his political rival and successor, the accident-prone Joe Biden, for his slips, trips, age and confusion. However, Trump’s recent blunders are increasing so much that his GOP rival DeSantis has even launched a “Trump Accident Tracker.” Now Fox News Brian Kilmeade claims his blunders are a deliberate scheme.

Trump Impersonates Biden

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During a California GOP speech in September, Trump ridiculed President Biden with a caricatured impersonation as he humorously portrayed Biden as disoriented on stage, playfully asking, “Where am I?” Trump was wandering around to simulate the President’s supposed difficulty navigating a stage and frequent stumbling on stairs. The exaggerated performance elicited laughter from Trump’s Republican supporters.  

Trump Confuses Sioux City With Sioux Falls

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Yet, even as he mocks his opponent, Trump has not been immune to various gaffes. In a recent address in Sioux City, Iowa, the former President greeted his supporters with a mix-up, saying, “…a very big hello to a place where we’ve done very well, Sioux Falls. Thank you very much, Sioux Falls.”  

Iowa Senator Attempts to Correct Blunder

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The discreet efforts of the Iowa senator to rectify his mistake did not escape notice. Iowa state Sen. Brad Zaun quietly corrected Trump’s error with an audible whisper in his ear, stating, “It’s Sioux City, not Sioux Falls.” This latest blunder adds to a series of mistakes made by Trump, which some may interpret as evidence that both Biden and Trump are equally prone to confusion.  

Plunge the World Into World War II

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In a recent speech in Washington, Trump stumbled through his words, cautioning about the potential threat of Biden “plunging the world into World War II” and seemingly confusing President Biden with former President Barack Obama. ABC News reported this blunder, sparking a debate on whether there should be “age limits” for presidential candidates.  

Obama Is Pulling the Strings

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Fox News host Brian Kilmeade has recently alleged that “Donald Trump keeps saying that because he believes Obama is pulling the strings.”  

He Wants You to Think That

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On Fox’s MediaBuzz, Kilmeade reported, “I talked to him off camera about that, I talked to him on radio about that. I said – I corrected him on the radio interview, I said, ‘You mean Joe Biden.’ He said no… He’s convinced Barack Obama’s running the country. That’s why he says it. He wants you to think that.”  

Kilmeade, Trump’s Campaign Manager

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Leslie Marshall, who was on the Fox News show alongside Kilmeade, laughed and said, “Oh, Brian, come on,” Still laughing at Kilmeade’s excuses, she added, “That’s good, that’s good. You should be his manager, his campaign manager… That’s a really good spin on that.”  

Betrayed by the Corrupt Globalists

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Trump has regularly publicly stated he believes Obama is working behind the scenes. At a rally in New Hampshire in October, Trump said, “You’ve been ripped off by everybody and betrayed by the corrupt globalists, Washington, Wall Street people, those combinations of Washington, Wall Street, they’re the worst of all. And it’s never been worse than it is now under crooked Joe Biden, and frankly, his boss, Barack Hussein Obama. I think it’s his boss.”  

Iran Behind Attack

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Trump was also claiming the same conspiracy theory on Kilmeade’s show, stating that Iran was behind the Hamas attack on Israel. Trump claimed, “It’s all coming through Iran, and Obama wants to – he doesn’t want to talk about it. He doesn’t want to mention, he doesn’t even mention them in his statements.”  

Obama Is Biden’s Boss

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Kilmeade attempted to correct Trump’s blunder. “Well, you mean President Biden,” asked Kilmeade. “I also mean Obama. What do you mean? You know Obama and Biden,” Trump argued somewhat confusingly. “But Obama is Biden’s boss. Guess you didn’t really know that,” Trump stated, trying to get over his mistake.  

Ukraine and Russia Border Hungary

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Adding to the many gaffes, Trump made an inaccurate statement by asserting that both Ukraine and Russia share a border with Hungary. He mentioned Viktor Orbán, Hungary’s Prime Minister, stating, “Hungary fronts on both Ukraine and Russia.” This recent mistake followed Trump’s previous blunder, where he referred to Viktor Orbán as the leader of Turkey.  

Lost the Zip on His Fastball

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DeSantis, Trump’s rival in the GOP nomination race, has commented on Trump’s multiple mistakes, stating, “This is a different Donald Trump than 2015 and 2016 — lost the zip on his fastball.”  

Trump Wedded to Teleprompter

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“He is wedded to the teleprompter. He can’t get off that teleprompter. Anytime he does, he says things like, ‘don’t vote.’ He’s telling people not to vote, like, we have all the votes,” DeSantis said to reporters.  

Trump Accident Tracker

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DeSantis, Trump’s GOP rival, has now recently launched a “Trump accident tracker” that is meant to track all the former President’s blunders and to “remind the American people of the liability he (Trump) would be in the Oval Office.” DeSantis War Room on X posted, “BREAKING: Today we are unveiling the ‘Trump Accident Tracker’ — a way of recording how long the former President can go without a workplace accident on the campaign trail.”  

Not an Inspiring Message

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DeSantis said, “I think he was energetic, freewheeling back then,” “I think it was really about ‘America first.’ Now, I think, he’s on the teleprompter. Most of the stuff he’s talking about is about himself and his issues, and that’s not the inspiring message that is going to be able to win the day with the American people,” the Florida Gov. added.  

Trump Should Take His Teleprompter to Debates

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“I’m willing to allow him to bring his teleprompter to the debate if that’s what he wants to do, and we will just do it like that,” DeSantis mocked.  

The Most Brain-Dead Political Strategy on Earth

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Users posted on Kilmeade’s defense of Trump’s blunders. One user posted, “If this was intentional it is the most brain dead political strategy on earth. Right now Trump’s only advantage over Biden is that people think Biden is super old. If that narrative changes to both Trump and Biden are really old the polling indicates Biden would win in a landslide. Intentionally making gaffes to seem old and in mental decline is literally the worst thing the Trump campaign can possibly do at this point.”

Unsurprising if True

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Another user posted, “If proven to be true, I’d be unsurprised absolutely.”


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