Trump “Is Telling His Followers To Detain the Prosecutor and Judge”: Ex-Trump Attorney Says Former President Will Be Incarcerated for His Comments


Trump and his legal team are subject to a restricted gag order in the New York fraud case, prohibiting him from disparaging the court or publicly discussing witnesses. Despite this limitation, Trump has consistently disregarded the order. In his recent remarks, he went as far as suggesting that Judge Arthur Engoron and Attorney General Letitia James should be subjected to a “citizen’s arrest,” a statement that former US attorney to the White House argues should warrant imprisonment.

Infecting Proceedings and Intimidating Witnesses

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Ty Cobb was a former White House attorney from July 2017 until May 2018. Cobb explained during an interview on CNN, “It’s much like what he did on Jan. 6. It continues to be off the rails in terms of the extent to which his invective infects these proceedings,” Cobb continued to state that Trump’s remarks had the “potential to intimidate witnesses.”

Trump’s Comments Will Put Him in Jail

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“I believe that, you know, at some point, comments like this will result in Trump not only being sanctioned, but at some point, these types of comments will result in him being put in jail pending some of these trials,” Cobb further explained.

Place Them Under Citizens Arrest

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Cobb was responding to a question about a post that Trump had written on his Truth Social site that stated, “MY FANTASY… I WOULD LIKE TO SEE LITITIA [SIC] JAMES AND JUDGE ENGORON PLACED UNDER CITIZENS ARREST FOR BLATANT ELECTION INTERFERENCE AND HARASSMENT.” Trump reportedly published the post and then removed it later.

His Own Worst Enemy

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Cobb has been critical of Trump since leaving the White House, calling Trump “his own worst enemy.”

Uncontrolled Ego

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In an NBC news interview in 2022, Cobb said, “One thing the Democrats know for certain is that Trump’s uncontrolled ego is his own worst enemy. They are praying they are able to goad him into an announcement for a 2024 presidential run.”

Trump’s Overwhelming Need for Attention

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Cobb added, “A 2024 declaration of his candidacy serves no interest but his self-defeating and overwhelming need for relevance, attention and money. Such an announcement also does not inoculate him from criminal investigation.”

A Disaster for the Republican Party

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“He is a disaster for the Republican Party for which he prevented a Senate majority in 2020 and, as time will demonstrate, has already done the same for 2022 with his endorsements of unelectable candidates all based on their loyalty or his own driving desire for revenge,” Cobb concluded.

Trump Attorneys Also Issued Gag Order

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The judge presiding over the civil fraud trial has extended Trump’s gag order. This order prohibits Trump’s legal team from publicly discussing the judge’s interactions with his staff.

Second Gag Order Was Paused

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The issuance of a second gag order in the criminal trial related to election fraud in Washington has been temporarily halted due to an ongoing appeal. The appeals court suspended the order while it assesses the justification behind Judge Tanya S. Chutkan’s initial imposition of the order. The court is set to hear oral arguments later this month.

Gag Orders Repeatedly Breached

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Ty Cobb has consistently emphasized Donald Trump’s repeated breaches of the gag orders, frequently proposing that Trump should face imprisonment for his remarks. Cobb reiterated this stance just a few weeks ago in connection to Judge Chutkan’s gag order.

Only Prison Will Stop Him

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Ty Cobb had earlier expressed the view that incarcerating Trump might be the sole effective measure to prevent the former President from making damaging public statements regarding his trials.

Spending a Night in Jail

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‘Ultimately, I think he will spend a night or a weekend in jail,’ said the former White House attorney.

Orders Attempt to Prevent Comments

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The gag orders aim to inhibit Trump from making statements targeting prosecutors, court staff, and potential witnesses. Trump faces accusations of intimidating witnesses in both of his trials, along with allegations of threatening judges, attorneys, and court staff.

Bill Barr Is Gutless

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Nevertheless, the gag orders appear ineffective in deterring Trump from making comments. Trump recently utilized his Truth Social platform to share statements concerning Bill Barr, a former US attorney who had indicated his willingness to testify against Trump. Trump posted on Truth Social, “I called Bill Barr Dumb, Weak, Slow Moving, Lethargic, Gutless, and Lazy, a RINO [Republican In Name Only] WHO COULDN’T DO THE JOB.”

Trump’s Limited Vocabulary

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Trump’s post came after Barr commented at an event at The University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics. Barr said, “His verbal skills are limited.” In an interview with CBS, Barr also pointed out that the former President was “not very disciplined with what he says.”

Trump Violated Gag Order

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During a CNN interview, Cobb asserted that Trump had already breached the reinstated gag order with his comments about Barr, as the former US attorney could serve as a potential witness in the Washington election interference case.

Advocating for the Kidnapping of a US Attorney

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Users commented online on Trump’s latest post stating that Attorney General Letitia James should be placed under “citizen’s arrest.” One user posted, “How is that not advocating for the kidnapping of a US Attorney and federal judge?”

Detain the Prosecutor and Judge

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Another user posted, “This man is telling his followers to detain by force the prosecutor and judge.” Keeping up with Trump’s numerous gag orders and violations is proving more challenging, raising the question, will Trump ever see the inside of a cell for his comments?  

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