“Delusional” and “Out of Touch”: Biden’s Campaign Flounders During GOP Surge


As President Joe Biden approaches his 81st birthday, recent polls paint a challenging picture for his re-election campaign. Surveys indicate a growing preference for GOP candidates over Biden, with significant leads held by figures like Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis. This shift in public opinion shows Biden’s potential hurdles in the upcoming election.

Biden’s Uphill Battle in Polls

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Recent surveys reveal a concerning trend for President Biden’s re-election campaign. He lags behind three GOP rivals, with the gap reaching up to 10 points in some polls. These numbers suggest a shift in public sentiment, posing a formidable challenge for the incumbent president as he prepares for the upcoming election season.

A Factor for Voters

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At 81, President Biden is the oldest president in U.S. history. His age has become a focal point in political discussions, with most Democrats expressing a desire for a new face to represent the party in the upcoming primaries. There are growing concerns about age and leadership capability in high office.

Biden Versus Trump – The Poll Numbers

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A Marquette Law School poll shows a close race between Biden and former President Donald Trump, with Trump slightly ahead. This narrow margin indicates a fiercely competitive political climate. It seems that even small fluctuations in public opinion could significantly impact the election’s outcome.

A Rising Star in GOP Polls

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Nikki Haley’s ascent in the political arena is demonstrated by her commanding 10-point lead over President Biden, with a 55 to 45 margin. Her popularity cements her status as a key player in the Republican field and shows a shift in voter sentiment. This considerable lead shows Haley’s strong policy stances and her appeal as a fresh alternative.

Ron DeSantis’ Narrow Advantage

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis edges out President Biden in recent polls, holding a 51 to 49 lead. This tight advantage highlights DeSantis’ growing influence in national politics and his potential to be decisive in the upcoming elections. DeSantis’ appeal is rooted in his strong Florida governance and stance on key national issues.

Haley’s Strong Appeal to Likely Voters

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Among likely voters, Nikki Haley’s lead over President Biden expands to an impressive 12-point margin (56 to 44). This statistic indicates her strong resonance with a crucial segment of the electorate. This is likely because of her clear policy positions and ability to connect with voters on key issues.

Trump’s Enduring Hold in GOP Primaries

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Despite the emerging popularity of Haley and DeSantis, Donald Trump maintains a dominant position in the GOP primaries. A significant portion of Republican voters still favor him. Trump’s sustained popularity, with 54% of Republican voters backing him for the nomination, highlights his lasting impact on the party and continued relevance in the political landscape.

Preferences Among Republican Voters

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Haley and DeSantis, despite their growing profiles, are tied at 12%. This shows new candidates’ challenges in competing with Trump’s entrenched base. This preference distribution emphasizes the complex dynamics within the Republican Party and the varying priorities of its members.

Biden’s Campaign and Negative Poll Trends

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A series of unfavorable polls signal increasing challenges for President Biden’s campaign. These consistent findings suggest a growing desire among the electorate for change and a potential shift in public confidence. This trend is crucial for the Biden campaign to address as it strategizes for the upcoming election.

Democratic Desire for New Leadership

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A Yahoo News/YouGov poll indicates that many Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents are calling for new candidates to challenge President Biden. This idea, shared by over half of the surveyed group, reflects a desire within the party for fresh leadership and new perspectives. This is clearly a critical moment of reflection and potential transformation within the Democratic Party.

Generational Divide on Democratic Challenger

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The call for a new Democratic challenger to President Biden reveals a generational divide. While 69% of younger voters (aged 18 to 29) favor this idea, older voters are less inclined, with only 43% of those over 65 supporting it. This split signifies a shifting political landscape within the Democratic base, with younger voters seeking more dynamic and progressive leadership.

Mixed Reactions to Biden’s Candidacy for 2024

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Among Democrats and independents, opinions are divided regarding President Biden’s candidacy for the 2024 election. While he remains a preferred choice for many, the split in support highlights internal debates within the party about Biden’s effectiveness and suitability for another term. This division points to the need for Biden’s campaign to address these concerns.

A Cross-Party Concern

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Biden’s age remains a focal point of concern for voters across the political spectrum. A majority view his age as a significant or minor problem. This issue is particularly pronounced among Republicans. However, it also resonates with many Democrats, underlining the importance of health and vitality in presidential candidates.

Confidence in Biden’s 2024 Prospects

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Despite doubts, some remain optimistic about President Biden’s prospects in the 2024 elections. “Biden will slaughter Republicans in 2024. Polls said the same thing in 2020, and look what happened,” shows predictions rooted in historical election surprises. This viewpoint suggests that current polls might not accurately predict the election outcome.

Biden’s Polling Woes Spark Ridicule and Concern

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President Biden’s trailing in the polls has sparked criticism and ridicule. One user commented, “How bad are you when the top 3 opposing candidates running against you lead you in the polls? One by 10 points. Top it off, Joey is the incumbent. This is funny and very telling of how bad Joey is.” 

Intense Critiques of Biden’s Competence and Awareness

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Critiques of President Biden’s competence and awareness have become increasingly sharp. One user said, “Biden is delusional, out of touch, and not in charge of anything! He does what he’s told, follows a predetermined script, and can’t even do that well!” This highlights the public perception of a presidency lacking decisive leadership and vitality. 

Skepticism Over Media’s Support for Haley

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Nikki Haley’s portrayal in the media has been met with skepticism and suspicion. Accusations like, “LMAO – Haley is the JOY of the Democrat Corrupt media,” suggest that some see the media’s coverage of Haley as biased and unrepresentative of the broader Republican sentiment. This criticism implies a disconnect between media narratives and the actual preferences of the Republican voter base.

Biden’s Age and Policies

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Some people’s unhappiness with President Biden includes both personal and policy-based critiques. One user said, “It isn’t his age. He has sold America to the highest bidder. Trader Joe should be behind bars.” This suggests concerns over his policy decisions, seen as harmful to national interests. 


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