“The VP is a Drag on the Ticket”: Biden Confronts Challenges as Approval Dips Amid Criticism of His Long Political Tenure


Vice President Kamala Harris has recently proposed a practical approach to the 2024 elections. Recognizing the challenges ahead, Harris and President Joe Biden are gearing up for a campaign demanding their utmost effort to secure reelection. This comes during a backdrop of fluctuating approval ratings for Biden and a political landscape marked by intense competition and shifting voter demographics.

Vice President Harris on Earning the Nomination

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Vice President Kamala Harris, in a recent statement, acknowledged the need for her and President Biden to actively ‘earn’ their nomination for the 2024 election. This statement shows a realistic approach. She claims the Democrats are considering the current political climate and the evolving expectations of the electorate.

President Biden’s Approval Ratings

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Recent polling data has painted a concerning picture for President Biden, with his approval rating dipping to an all-time low of 40 percent. This decline in popularity could significantly impact the administration’s strategies as they head towards the 2024 elections. There is no certainty of a victory. 

Harris Files for Primary in South Carolina

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Demonstrating a proactive stance, Vice President Harris traveled to South Carolina on November 10 to file for their inclusion in the state’s Democratic primary election ballot. This move comes amidst ongoing concerns about President Biden’s approval ratings. There are also questions about their potential impact on the upcoming elections.

Harris’s Outlook on the Reelection Campaign

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In a conversation with CNN, Vice President Harris emphasized the necessity of earning their reelection. She highlighted the competitive nature of the upcoming electoral battle. Her comments came after the official visit to South Carolina, signifying the importance of the state in their campaign strategy.

South Carolina’s Primacy in Democratic Politics

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The Democratic Party’s recent decision to position South Carolina as the first-in-the-nation primary state represents a significant shift in political strategy. This move sidelines New Hampshire and Iowa. It also demonstrates the evolving dynamics within the party and the nation’s electoral process.

Trump’s Edge in Battleground States

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A New York Times poll conducted between late October and early November indicates a challenging scenario for Biden. Former President Donald Trump led five out of six key battleground states in this poll. This polling data could be crucial in shaping the strategies for the 2024 election.

The Youth Vote and Biden’s Support

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An interesting part of the recent polls is that 11 percent of potential Harris supporters, particularly those under 30, do not back Biden. This demographic could play a pivotal role in the outcome of the upcoming elections. It is clear that there is a lot of work for the Biden-Harris team needs to do.

Biden’s Approval Rating Hits New Low

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A new NBC News poll has further highlighted the challenges facing President Biden. His approval rating with Americans has reached a new low. This downward trend is critical to the political calculations leading to the 2024 elections. The 2024 elections will not be an easy win.

Biden’s Response to Polling Data

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Despite the concerning polling data, President Biden remains somewhat dismissive of these figures. He suggested they represent only a small portion of the broader political landscape. His confidence in the administration’s position indicates a strategic approach to counter negative perceptions.

Biden’s Firm Belief in Democratic Progress

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Against a backdrop of mixed approval ratings, President Joe Biden has maintained a steadfast belief in the effectiveness of the Democratic agenda. He has credited the progress made during his term to his administration’s implementation of key policies. Unafraid by polling trends, Biden confidently asserted, “The Biden-Harris agenda has taken hold.” 

The Pivotal Influence of Rep. Jim Clyburn in 2020

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Representative Jim Clyburn’s endorsement in 2020 was a decisive factor in President Biden’s primary victory. In South Carolina, he significantly swayed the Black vote. Clyburn’s strategic support showed his deep understanding of the electorate’s pulse. As the 2024 elections approach, Clyburn’s role takes on renewed importance. 

Clyburn’s Endorsement of the Biden-Harris Ticket

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In the face of skepticism surrounding Vice President Harris’s impact on the ticket, Representative Jim Clyburn has offered a robust defense. “People were saying, ‘The VP is a drag on the ticket,’” Clyburn recounted. He countered this narrative by adding, “Now they’re saying just the opposite.” 

Harris’s Proactive Role in the Upcoming Campaign

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VP Harris has outlined a proactive and hands-on approach. She plans to engage directly with voters, emphasizing the importance of communicating the administration’s accomplishments and listening to the electorate’s needs. “I have a great sense of duty and responsibility to do as much as I can, to be where the people are,” Harris stated.

Intense Critique of President Biden’s Career

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President Joe Biden’s long tenure in politics has not been without controversy. Some critics  have branded him as a career politician who has “lie[d] and pedal[ed] hate.” Biden faces clear challenges in terms of public perception. The accusation of fostering divisiveness highlights the split nature of American politics and the need for unity.

Mixed Reactions to Vice President Harris’s Public Engagements

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Vice President Kamala Harris has faced scrutiny and criticism for her public role. Critics have been vocal, with one remarking on her tendency to “come out once every month or two, says something idiotic, giggles like a hyena on krak, and then goes away for another 2 months.” These comments point to a perception challenge for Harris as she navigates her public image and engagement strategy in the lead-up to the 2024 campaign.

Controversy Surrounding Harris’s Election

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The legitimacy of Vice President Kamala Harris’s election to her role has been debated among certain groups. Critics have expressed skepticism, with one comment stating, “She didn’t earn it in the first place.” This sentiment reflects a broader distrust in the electoral process and the administration’s mandate.

Speculations on the Fate of Biden/Harris in 2024

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The Biden/Harris ticket for the 2024 election has stirred up speculation about its potential success, with some predicting a resounding defeat. One observer remarked, “If it’s Biden/Harris in 2024, they lose big!” This prediction is rooted in the current political climate and the perceived performance of the administration. 

Perceived Continuity of Obama’s Policies in Biden’s Presidency

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Some have viewed President Biden’s administration as an extension of former President Obama’s policies, leading to the perception that Biden is not fully at the helm. One user claimed that Biden was chosen by Obama “to further his radical ideas” and that he “installed all of Barry’s old staff.” This suggests a continuity in policy and approach that some find concerning.


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