“Biden’s Corrupt Campaign Has Backfired”: Trump’s Lead Is Only Rising Amid Bidenomics Unpopularity


Democrats should be on the lookout as it seems America is headed for a tight presidential rematch.

Israel-Hamas War and Economic Concerns

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The US president’s chances of winning reelection in 2024 are being hurt by divisions within the Democratic party over the Israel-Hamas conflict and economic worries. According to two polls released on Sunday, Joe Biden is lagging behind Donald Trump.


Biden Behind Trump in 5 Important Battleground States

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According to a New York Times/Siena survey, Biden was trailing Trump in five of the six most significant battleground states. These concerns were fueled by misgivings about Biden’s ability to manage the economy, inquiries about his age, and dissatisfaction with other problems including the situation in Israel and Palestine.


Biden Fails to Win Over Democrats

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A further survey conducted by CBS News one year before to the 2024 election saw Trump leading Biden. According to the study, more respondents believed that their financial situation would improve if Trump were to win in 2024, and Biden had not been able to persuade Democrats the way Trump had persuaded Republicans.


Facing Widespread Discontent

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Domestic issues like the economy typically influence American voters’ decisions more than global affairs. However, the results of both surveys indicate that Biden is unpopular on a number of subjects, particularly national security.


Trump Scores Better on Economy

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According to a New York Times survey, voters preferred Trump over Biden on the economy by a margin of 59% to 37%, the greatest difference of any subject. Trump had higher ratings on the economy from voters of all stripes, irrespective of gender, age, educational attainment, or income level.


Biden Ahead in Wisconsin by 2%

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According to a New York Times survey, if the election were to happen right now, Biden would lose to Trump in the battleground states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania by percentages ranging from three to ten percentage points. In Wisconsin, Biden leads by two percentage points. In 2020, he won each of these states.


War Splinters Democratic Party

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The Democratic party has been severely shattered by the Israel-Hamas conflict in particular. Younger voters and people of color have turned against the president, which might hurt his chances of winning in 2024.


America Headed in the Wrong Direction in 2020

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Demographic groups that had overwhelmingly supported Biden in 2020 were now much more hotly disputed, according to a New York Times survey, with two-thirds of voters believing that the nation was headed in the wrong path.


Biden’s Hispanic Voters Drop

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The survey indicated that Biden was only slightly ahead of Trump among voters under thirty, that his lead among Hispanic voters had shrunk, and that he was less advantageous in urban regions than in rural ones.


Biden’s Unwavering Support to Israel’s Effort to Destroy Hamas

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Some Democrats are putting pressure on Biden to support an early cessation of hostilities between Israel and Hamas. After Hamas conducted a fatal attack in Gaza last month, Biden has stated that he supports Israel’s efforts to eliminate the organization. However, he has pushed Israel to abide by international war regulations and take extra precautions to prevent civilian losses.


Genocide of the Palestinian People

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The most vocal opponent of Biden, Palestinian-American congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, charged that he was endorsing the “genocide of the Palestinian people” and warned that “don’t count on us in 2024—support a ceasefire now.”


Strong Views on All Sides

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US Deputy National Security Advisor Jon Finer responded to questions on such remarks on ABC News on Sunday by saying that although the administration disagreed with some of the terminology used to characterize the fight, they were aware that it was evoking strong feelings. He remarked, “We know that this is a conflict about which there are strong views on all sides.”


Serious Concerns About the Toll This Is Taking on Civilian Life

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“We believe [some of the terms] have technical definitions, have certain historical resonance and weight, and that we do not accept their application to this particular war even as we continue to raise our serious concerns about the toll that this is taking on civilian life and the need to do even more to protect it.” 


We Won’t Win ”By Fretting About a Poll”

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A spokesman for the White House, Kevin Munoz, said that early polls had incorrectly indicated that former president Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden would lose the 2022 midterm elections. “We’ll win in 2024 by putting our heads down and doing the work, not by fretting about a poll.”


46% Say They’re “Struggling” to Make Ends Meet

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Eighty-four percent of probable voters stated that rising prices and inflation have affected their lives in the most recent monthly McLaughlin & Associates nationwide survey. 46% of them claimed to be “struggling” to make ends meet.


Bad or Very Bad for the Economy

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According to the study, which was made available to Secrets, 50% of voters believe that Bidenomics has had a negative or extremely negative impact on the cost of living, inflation, and the economy. According to the polling data, which were gathered by Trump’s pollster, Biden is suffering from the state of the economy, a point he has made and will emphasize in advertisements today during an NFL game.


Trump Is Leading 47%-43%

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In a race against himself, Trump has the largest percentage of support (49%), according to McLaughlin’s study. Biden’s percentage is 43%. Nearly every national survey conducted in the last month has shown Trump leading. According to a poll conducted yesterday by Emerson College, Trump is winning 47%–43%.


Is Politics at Play in the Four Federal Indictments Against Trump?

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McLaughlin has been monitoring the effects of the Trump legal battles as well as Bidenomics. For instance, more respondents to the most recent study think that the White House is politically responsible for Trump’s legal issues. 67% of respondents claimed that the four federal indictments against Trump had political motivations.


Voters Want the Justice Dept to Back Off

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According to the study, 61% of respondents think Biden had a hand in those cases. In response to a different query, 61% of respondents said they thought the Justice Department should step back and “let the voters decide who the next president should be.”


Biden’s Corrupt Campaign of Indictments Against Trump Has Backfired

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“President Trump’s strategy to run an issue-centered campaign challenging Joe Biden’s failed policies has worked perfectly,” Secrets was informed by pollster John McLaughlin.  “Joe Biden’s corrupt campaign of indictments against President Trump has backfired. With 54 days to the Iowa caucuses and 11 months to Election Day, Joe Biden is merely doubling down on failure.”


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