“Men Can’t Give Birth”: Transgender Man Proves Transphobes Wrong and Gives Birth to Daughter

Upon discovering his partner couldn’t have children, Caleb – a transgender man from the UK – paused his transition to become pregnant.

Caleb Had to Stop Testosterone

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In order to become pregnant, Caleb had to pause his transition – which he began in 2017 – and stop testosterone. This was no easy feat. The new dad said: “Coming off testosterone was a rocky road as I had so many hormones going around my body.”

It Was a Tough Decision – But His Partner Couldn’t Have Children

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Becoming pregnant, for a lot of transgender men, would be an absolute nightmare full of emotional pain and dysphoria. It was no easy decision – but Caleb didn’t have much choice; his partner, Niamh, had suffered three miscarriages and a stillbirth of twins. Eventually, she was told she would probably never conceive because her eggs were immature.

The Couple Considered Alternative Options

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Of course, the couple considered all their options before making the difficult decision – even a fertility treatment that would cost them $90,000. Ultimately, they decided Caleb would pause his transition and carry their child. “I want other trans people to know it’s okay to carry a child,” he said.

Caleb Opened Up About the Impact

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Caleb opened up about the impact of pausing his tradition. “It was soul-destroying. Transitioning was something I knew I wanted to do from a young age. But I knew for myself and my partner it was something we had always wanted, and I wanted to give it a shot,” he said.

They Met Their Sperm Donor on Social Media

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The couple met their sperm donor on social media. They used intrauterine insemination – a fertility treatment that gives sperm a better chance at fertilizing an egg. Doctors told Caleb that, even though he’d paused his transition, there was a good chance he wouldn’t be able to conceive. Despite their warnings, Caleb was carrying a child within six months.

His Bump Attracted Mixed Opinions

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A pregnant man isn’t something you see often, so naturally, Caleb’s baby bump attracted attention – and with that came mixed opinions. Caleb explained that most of his friends and family supported him unconditionally – but some people, evidently conflating gender identity and biological sex, got hung up on the idea that men can’t get pregnant. He also talked about how most of his coworkers didn’t even realize he was trans until he told them about his pregnancy, which they proceeded to support.

The Hospital Accommodated His Needs

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When it came to giving birth, the hospital couldn’t have been more supportive. They allowed Caleb to deliver in a private ward for personal privacy and put together a specialist care plan to accommodate his needs. Caleb praised the hospital for all its support.

The Delivery Had Its Challenges

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Despite the hospital’s accommodations, the delivery had its challenges. “During labor, [the baby’s] heart rate was dropping rapidly, and I underwent an episiotomy,” Caleb said. According to the National Library of Medicine, the definition of “an episiotomy” is as follows: “A procedure developed to augment difficult vaginal deliveries while controlling for and avoiding potentially dangerous perineal lacerations during the delivery process.”

The Recovery Was Difficult

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Caleb left the hospital in pain. “The stitching broke down, and I had constant infections for five weeks. I couldn’t move,” he said. Caleb was bed-bound during recovery and couldn’t bond with his newborn daughter as much as he’d have liked. He tried to chestfeed but found it difficult.

Caleb Wants to Do It All Again

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Now Caleb’s fully recovered, the family wants to expand once more. Caleb said: “I want to be able to carry a child one more time before I start taking testosterone again. I’m planning on doing that later this year and will be using the same sperm donor again.”

Caleb’s Story Attracted Transphobes

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Social media users across the internet were divided. “Men can’t give birth. Try again,” one individual commented on Twitter. “Trans men can. Try again,” another bounced back. Unfortunately, Caleb’s story attracted a plethora of transphobes who took glee in misgendering him for nothing, seemingly, but their own entertainment.

But Plenty of People, Particularly LGBT+ Individuals, Showed Love and Support to the New Dad

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Despite the nasty comments, plenty of people expressed their support for Caleb and his partner. They congratulated them on their daughter’s birth and wished them well in their plans to have another child. Several individuals even took the transphobes on and attempted to tell them about the nuances of biological sex and the difference between that and gender identity.      

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