“Childish in Many Ways”: Marjorie Taylor Greene Can’t Stop Embarrassing Herself

Numerous figures in politics and the media, including CNN’s Jake Tapper, have criticized the Georgia congresswoman’s attempt to formally chastise her Michigan colleague for being insincere. Never Been the People’s Person in Washington Marjorie Taylor Greene has never been a popular person in Washington due to her stories about Jewish laser beams, assaults on school … Read more

Trump Declares Union Autoworkers Are “Toast” if They Don’t Endorse Him

One day before President Trump visited Detroit to address union workers, United Auto Workers (UAW) President Shawn Fain made fun of the previous president by claiming that he represents the interests of the “billionaire class.” He Serves a Billionaire Class and That’s What’s Wrong This Country “I see no point in meeting with him, because … Read more

Donald “Has Shown No Hesitation in Throwing Them Under the Bus When It Suits His Needs”: Union Leader Criticizes Trump for Hosting Rally at Non-Union Venue

Donald Trump has anticipated his co-defendants, accused co-conspirators, and prospective witnesses for the prosecution to remain strongly loyal to him during the criminal investigations into him. Key Witnesses Consider Throwing Trump Under the Bus Those who have spoken with him about the issue report that part of this has included his conviction that some of … Read more