“We Are All Taylor Swift Fans”: Could Taylor Swift Run for President?


Former Trump aide Alyssa Farah Griffin has claimed that the only person with a chance of beating the criminal defendant to the presidency in 2024 is pop icon Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift’s Love Life

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Farah Griffin made the comments in an episode of “The View: Under the Table.” Before she discussed Trump, she and Brian Teta – the executive producer – were talking about the media coverage of Swift’s romance with Travis Kelce.  

Swift vs. Trump

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The ex-Trump aide went on to say: “This ends in one way. We are all Taylor Swift fans, and, to be honest, if Donald Trump looks like he’s going to win, she’s just going to need to get in the race and defeat him once and for all because she’s probably the only person who can.”  

A Deep Regret

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Farah Griffin has also made it clear that she deeply regrets working for the former president, having made plenty of negative comments about him since he left office. She also claimed to be able to explain “in one paragraph any of the various cases” against him.  

Farah Griffin’s Republican Values

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The ex-Trump aide previously said: “I’ll never vote for Trump again. I’ve been clear on that. I would tend to write in. I don’t think I should have to change my Republican values because two parties are putting up options that I don’t like.”  

Jan 6th Investigators

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The 34-year-old has met with Jan 6th investigators on multiple occasions, reportedly to discuss times she witnessed Trump acknowledge the fact that he lost the election to President Joe Biden.  

Donald Trump’s Response

Donald Trump
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Earlier in the year, Trump took it upon himself to respond to Farah Griffin’s criticisms. Naturally, the criminal defendant failed to do this in an intelligent, well-thought-out way. Instead, he fell back on insults like “sleazebag,” “loser” and “backbencher.”  

The Internet Reacted

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News of Farah Griffin’s claim about Taylor Swift was shared across the internet, and people flocked to comment sections to give their views. Some fans of the musician applauded the ex-aide for her words and called for Swift to actually consider a political career.  

A Hypothetical World

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However, other fans picked up on the humorous nature of Farah Griffin’s words and laughed about a hypothetical world in which the pop star ran the country. Regardless of the light nature of the discussion, these individuals did often say she’d do a better job than Trump.  

Sexism and Ageism

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Trump’s fans took the ex-aide’s words a little too seriously and berated her for her “naivety.” These comments often had sexist and ageist undertones, implying that a young woman isn’t intelligent enough to speak about politics.  

Trump Can’t Win

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One social media commenter said: “Actually, I don’t think Trump can win in general. The behind-the-scenes crew keeps stacking charges and court cases against him. I don’t think he’ll take the general election.”  

A Misogynistic Comment

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Unfortunately, a fair few commenters exposed their misogynistic tendencies. One such individual said: “Ahahahahah, Swift is too dumb to be POTUS. She’s an airhead. You just have to look at her to see that. Blond, pretty, rich. Nothing in there.”  

Less Competent Than Biden

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Another misogynist wrote: “Aren’t we supposed to be looking for someone more mentally competent than Biden? Not less? What an utterly ridiculous suggestion. Farah Griffin is clearly just as stupid as Swift, if not more so.”  

A Hatred of Women

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Others didn’t even attempt to conceal their hatred of women. “Ah, Farah Griffin proving – just as is proven time and time again – that women should not be allowed near politics. Too celebrity-obsessed, too naive, and often too stupid – not always, though.”  

An Obvious Joke

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Despite the aforementioned vile remarks, some people stood up for the ex-aide and Swift. One person said: “She was obviously joking. She was literally laughing as she said it. You people look for any excuse to try and justify your misogyny.”  

Trump in Prison

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Another commenter wrote: “This entire discussion is pointless because Trump won’t win anyway. He’ll be in prison, and there is no way they’ll let a prisoner run the country. I know our country’s gone a bit insane recently, but I do not believe it’s that insane.”  

A Heated Debate

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Plenty of people argued. “Taylor Swift can’t keep a boyfriend for more than a day. How do you expect her to run a country for several years?” one individual wrote. “It was a joke. Oh my God,” another hit back.  

Analyzing Social Media Responses

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One person decided to discuss the social media response to Farah Griffin’s words. They wrote: “I want to take a step back and analyze the public response to this. Look at all these comments. Most of them are dripping with hatred for Taylor Swift, and the majority of those haters are men. Now, I’m no Swift fan. Her music isn’t for me. But it’s interesting.”  

A Well-Documented Behavior

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The commenter continued: “Grown men have a habit of hating on anything that teenage girls like. It’s a well-documented misogynistic behavior. They won’t hate on teenage boys and call their interests annoying – but the girls? Everything they love is annoying and stupid. It’s just interesting.”


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