“Do We Want To Become a Dictatorship?” – GOP Pollster Says Biden’s Negative Ratings Aren’t a Concern for Him Unless Trump Isn’t the Opponent


As the United States approaches the 2024 presidential election, the nation’s political climate is increasingly charged. Recent developments and public opinions have focused on potential candidates, particularly former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden. The forthcoming election is not just about personalities but includes broader issues such as democracy, policy direction, and national identity.

Democrats’ Concern Over Biden’s Ratings

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Despite anxiety among many Democrats regarding President Biden’s approval ratings, veteran GOP pollster William McInturff downplays their significance. He emphasizes the importance of the opposition candidate. He has suggested that Biden’s ratings would only be a critical concern if he faces someone other than Donald Trump.

The 2020 Election Revisited

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McInturff’s observations, drawn from recent NBC poll results, emphasize the extraordinary nature of Trump’s impact on voters. As McInturff puts it, a Biden-Trump matchup would lead the country into “uncharted waters.” He has never witnessed such a distinct polarity in voter sentiment when comparing an incumbent with a ‘challenger,’ illustrating Trump’s profound and divisive influence on the American electorate.

Insights from the 2022 Midterms

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Ron Brownstein’s analysis of the 2022 and 2023 midterm elections reveals a significant trend. A noticeable portion of the electorate is increasingly distancing itself from candidates aligned with Trump’s version of the GOP, perceiving them as too radical. As Brownstein points out, this shift in voter sentiment is likely to play a pivotal role in shaping the strategies and outcomes of the 2024 presidential election. 

Voters Facing a Difficult Choice

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He maintains a strong support base despite the legal challenges and controversies surrounding Trump, including multiple indictments and civil cases. This presents a problem for voters who are dissatisfied with Biden’s presidency. The election decision might transcend the candidate’s personality for these voters, focusing instead on critical issues like abortion rights, educational policies, and social security. 

Biden’s Potential Comeback

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A press release from President Biden’s campaign sheds light on the strategic efforts to counteract the widespread dissatisfaction with Biden’s tenure. The campaign appears to zero in on strategies to bolster Biden’s chances for a second term. As revealed in the press release, this plan is a response to the challenges and discontent that have marked Biden’s presidency thus far.

Targeting Swing Voters

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The Biden campaign strategically emphasizes the importance of swing voters in the upcoming election, particularly in the context of Donald Trump’s potential return to the White House. This approach aims to educate these crucial voters about the possible consequences of a Trump presidency. They are seeking to sway their decision.

The Fear of Trump’s Return

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Growing apprehensions about Trump potentially securing a second term are becoming increasingly evident in the political discourse. Particularly concerning are recent instances where Trump’s rhetoric has been compared to that of Hitler. This has further fueled fears about the nature of his leadership and the direction he might take the country.

Democracy or Dictatorship?

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Some frame The upcoming election as a crucial decision between continuing as a democracy or sliding into dictatorship. One commentator said, “Next year’s election will be chillingly simple. There is only one thing on the ballot: Do we want America to continue as a democracy, or do we want to become a dictatorship? It’s that simple. Choose wisely.”

The Biden Dilemma

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Critics of President Biden are vocal about the apparent damage his policies have caused, particularly about China. One user showed this idea, saying, “I can’t believe people would vote for Biden with all the damage he’s done to the country.” This reflects a deep-seated dissatisfaction with Biden’s foreign and domestic policies.

The Financial Burden of Biden’s Policies

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There’s a growing concern about the financial implications of Biden’s policies. Critics argue that the cost of these policies, like the $80 billion for more IRS agents, will burden taxpayers. “People just don’t get it. They can’t financially afford his policies,” one critic states, highlighting apprehensions about economic sustainability under Biden’s administration.

Trump’s Electorate

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Supporters of Trump express unwavering loyalty, even preferring him over Biden despite controversies. “Given the choice of 4 more years of Biden or another four years of Trump, I will pick Trump every time. Biden has destroyed this country and given it to China and the illegals,” says one supporter, indicating a strong preference for Trump’s policies over Biden’s.

The Fear of Election Fraud

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Concerns about election integrity continue to surface, especially among Trump’s supporters. They fear repeating what they perceive as the 2020 election’s irregularities. One user said, “If former POTUS Trump does lose this upcoming election, it will be because millions of tabulated votes for Trump will suddenly disappear. They’ll wind up in dumpsters across the U.S. at 3 a.m. There’ll be ‘glitches’ in the electronic votes registered, and they’ll accept votes for ‘Bei Den’ written in crayon.”

Trump’s Character

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There’s a growing debate on whether Trump’s personality is an asset or a liability. Some believe his outspoken nature will hinder his chances in the election. “If Trump is the GOP nominee, once again, his mouth will ruin his election chances. He just cannot shut up long enough to unite the country and win to preserve freedom and democracy in America,” a critic points out.

Biden vs. Trump

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Comparisons between Biden and Trump are rampant, with some favoring Biden. “Joe Biden looks pretty awesome compared to the Dump criminal, liar, traitor!” exemplifies the strong opinions held by some voters. Some people prefer Biden’s demeanor and policies over Trump’s attitudes.

The Trump Phenomenon

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Trump’s base remains loyal despite his legal troubles and controversies. “It all comes down to, you either vote for Trump because you like him or you vote for anybody else because you hate Trump. Trump is running against his own character, and he did it to himself.” This reflects the contrast in voter opinions regarding Trump.

American Identity in Politics

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Nationalistic opinions are clear in the political discourse, with statements like, “I’d rather be an American than a Democrat.” This comment highlights the relationship between political and national identities. It also shows a broader trend where political allegiance is increasingly seen as a marker of people’s patriotism.

The Battle for America’s Future

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Some predict a catastrophic outcome for the Democratic Party in the next election, viewing the situation as unsustainable. “It’s gonna be an epic blowout. The democratic party will cease to exist. Look at everything going on around you. This place is literally falling apart at the seams,” a commentator predicts. They believe in the imminent collapse of the Democrat party.

The Promise of Trump

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Economic promises form a significant part of Trump’s appeal, with promises like free American gas symbolizing his approach. “Only Trump can deliver FREE AMERICAN GAS! Trump will drill more, and OPEC is going to pay for it,” a supporter claims. This shows the populist economic policies that attract some voters to Trump.


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