“This Ends the Press Conference”: Biden Interrupted and Led Offstage in Press Conference


During his news conference about Vietnam, Biden was mid-answer when he was interrupted, made to leave the podium, and forced to go backstage.

Biden’s Press Secretary Head-Butts Into Speech

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‘We talked about stability, we talked about the Third World, excuse me, the Southern Hemisphere has access to change. It wasn’t confrontational at all….” Biden continued. His press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, butted in abruptly with a loud voice. She concluded the press conference, stating, “Thank you, everybody. This ends the press conference. Thanks, everyone.”


Biden Disappears Behind Black Curtain

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Biden kept talking throughout, not realizing his microphone was silenced. In a further unusual twist, jazz music started to play over the speakers while the 80-year-old kept speaking into the microphone and appeared to be still trying to answer questions. The music became louder as the president attempted to respond to a few more questions, causing Biden to put his leather-backed folder aside and stroll offstage before vanishing behind a black curtain.


Biden Mutters, ”Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier”’

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Using a predetermined list of reporters to call on, Biden muttered, moved about the podium, and used the now-famous phrase “lying dog-faced pony soldier” during the 26-minute press conference. Biden flew to Vietnam on Sunday to strengthen diplomatic ties between the two nations after spending two days in India for the G20 Leaders’ Summit. The day finished with a press conference.


“I’m Going to Bed”

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The 80-year-old commander-in-chief joked about not knowing if it was morning or night and finished the news conference by declaring, “I’m going to bed.” This was intended to be a display of endurance because Biden is circumnavigating the globe in five days. He entertained reporters with a scenario that he said was taken from a John Wayne film, in which the ‘Indians’—not the ones he had just met—do not believe a Union soldier when he claims that returning to the reserve will make things better.


“Lot of Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldiers Out There About Global Warming”

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Biden remarked, “And the Indian looks at John Wayne and points to the Union soldier and says, ‘He’s a lying dog-faced pony soldier.’ Well, there are a lot of lying dog-faced pony soldiers out there about global warming. But not anymore. All of a sudden, they’re all realizing it’s a problem.”


Biden Has Used ‘Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier’ Phrase More Than Once

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The absence of a fossil fuels deal from the G20 Leaders’ Summit in New Delhi has raised questions about the president’s concern. He has made the “lying dog-faced pony soldier” remark twice, once during a New Hampshire 2020 campaign rally and once at a Connecticut event in June, where he also mumbled, “God save the Queen, man.”


“I’m Just Following My Orders Here”

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The president acknowledged that his advisers had informed him who he would be calling on at the beginning of the news conference, which began more than an hour late. Biden returned to his routine of both phoning from and speaking about the list sheepishly, saying, “They gave me five people here.” At another point, when reporters in the crowd shouted and frantically raised their hands to be called on, he responded, “I’m just following my orders here.” He was looking at his list to summon another news organization or name.


Biden Skips Questions Shot by Journalists

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The questions were heavily focused on China, and Biden chose not to respond when one question piggybacked on another. As a result, he neglected to address the economic deals between North Korea and Russia or Ukraine’s displeasure with the G20 statement on the war, which failed to identify Russia as the aggressor.


Biden Ignores US Print and TV Reporters

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Owing to his choice of journalist, Biden also seemed to be mostly avoiding a group of American print and television reporters who were prepared to discuss domestic issues like his declining popularity owing to his advanced age and a potential gun charge against his son, Hunter. A recent poll from AP-NORC found that a majority of Americans—77 percent, including 69 percent of Democrats—believe that Biden is too old to seek reelection. These surveys demonstrate a widespread worry about his age as he enters a second term.


“It Is Evening, Isn’t It?”

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Similar results were found in a Wall Street Journal survey published on Monday. 73 percent of people, including two-thirds of Democrats, said Biden was too elderly to run for office again. White House insiders cited this quick trip as proof that Biden is capable of handling the job. “It is evening, isn’t it?” At the start of the news conference, Biden stumbled. He said, “This around the world in five days is interesting.” The timetable was afterward described as being “no problem” by him. “I can imagine. It is evening, I’d like to remind you,” a BBC correspondent joked with the president. Biden, at one point, picked up the hand mic and started to move.

It appeared for a moment that he was leaving the press conference as he went to the side of the platform where one of the five selected reporters was standing.


“If You Sent Me a Softball, I Wouldn’t Know What to Do With It”

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One reporter from the independent, U.S.-supported Voice of America was not unaware that every reporter on the list was a woman. I appreciate it, Mr. President. She said to him, “Thank you, Mr. President. I hope you didn’t think that calling only on women would get you softballs tonight.” It wasn’t the case, according to Biden. “Oh, I know better than that. If you sent me a softball, I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I’d probably strike out even worse,” Biden joked.


Biden’s Awkward Remarks Draw Criticism

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“I tell you what, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to bed,” Biden said to the media after responding to one of the two questions that VOA had for him. The president’s awkward remarks were denounced by his detractors as another evidence that he would find it difficult to handle a second term.


Tweets Pour in Further Criticizing Biden

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RNC Research tweeted, “Biden gets VERY confused during his ‘press conference’ in Vietnam.” Jason Miller, a former top advisor to Trump, continued, “And Democrats wonder why Biden isn’t polling better.” FuriaDiDonna tweeted, “‘Oh good, reference the darkly satirical title of a movie about a horrible and bloody war that still looms largely in Vietnam’s psyche.” “So he’s making a joke in Vietnam about a catchphrase (not a song) in a (great) movie that’s about the US being at war in their country??” Booker9e remarked.


“Good Evening, Vietnam!”

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Biden had noted this in his opening remarks to the press conference, “One of my staff members said, “Remember the famous song Good Morning Vietnam?” Well, good evening, Vietnam!” Biden misidentified the Robin Williams movie as a song when speaking to reporters. He further added, “And good morning back in America.”


The Grating Catchphrase, ”Good Morning, Vietnam!”

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The narrative of Airman Adrian Cronauer, who came to Saigon to serve as a DJ for Armed Forces Radio as the conflict heated up in 1965, was told in one of the year’s biggest box office successes, the movie from 1987. Cronauer, played by Williams, annoys his superiors with his rock and roll playlist and satirical criticism of their handling of the conflict by opening each episode with his catchphrase, “Good morning, Vietnam!” At the American Comedy Awards, it earned Williams the medal for funniest actor, and its soundtrack, which featured the Beach Boys, James Brown, and the Searchers, went platinum.


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