“One of Trump’s Closest Allies”: Speaker Mike Johnson Visits Trump at Mar-a-Lago


House Speaker Mike Johnson, who was just elected, had a meeting with former President Donald Trump on Monday night at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

Johnson at Mar-A-Lago for a Fundraiser

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According to two Trump advisors, Johnson was at Mar-a-Lago for a fundraiser for Florida Republican Rep. Gus Bilirakis. The aides said that Johnson and Trump had a brief meeting and that Johnson wasn’t there just to see Trump.

The Highest-Ranking Republican

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Nearly a week has passed since the newly appointed speaker formally supported Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign, making him the highest-ranking Republican to do so. The meeting took place at the former president’s Florida property. What was said at the discussion between the two was not immediately apparent.

Johnson- The Loyal Trumpist

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Longtime Trump supporter Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, was a member of the former president’s impeachment team, although in a purely ceremonial capacity. On January 6, 2021, he cast a vote in favor of upholding the electoral vote objection.

One of the Closest Allies That President Trump Had in Congress

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Johnson told CNBC last week that he had “wholeheartedly” embraced Trump and that the previous president had “a phenomenal first term.” Johnson also described himself as “one of President Trump’s closest allies in Congress.”

Voting for “Globalist RINO Would Be a Tragic Mistake”

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With a commanding advantage over his competitors in the Republican primary, Trump is still the front-runner for the presidency. After the former president publicly criticized the Republican conference’s short-listed speaker, Tom Emmer, labeling the Minnesota Republican a “Globalist RINO” and warning that voting for him “would be a tragic mistake,” the congressman successfully ran for speaker last month with Trump’s backing.

Johnson Receives Flak From Democrat Rep. Joe Morelle

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Johnson was chastised by Democratic Congressman Joe Morelle of New York for “allowing virtually unfettered access to sensitive Capitol security footage.” Johnson is reluctant to say if he still stands by that judgment. Johnson led the House campaign to overturn Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election.

Trump Was a “Hot Head”

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He recently resurfaced remarks from 2015 on Facebook, in which he described Trump as a “hot head” and stated that he “lacks the character and the moral center we desperately need again in the White House.” His opinions on the president have changed over time.

A Dangerous Trait to Have in a Commander-in-Chief

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In response to criticism of his remarks in the comments, he said, “I am afraid he would break more things than he fixes. He is a hot head by nature, and that is a dangerous trait to have in a commander-in-chief.” Johnson was a Louisiana legislator at the time.

Just Don’t Think He Has the Demeanor to Be President

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He continued by questioning if Trump would attack a head of state for no other reason than to be disrespectful to him. “I am only halfway kidding about this,” he added in a note. “I just don’t think he has the demeanor to be president.”

Not the First Trumpist to Change Course

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Johnson is hardly the only one who shifted his strategy when it fits him. Officials who publicly opposed Trump or supported other candidates in 2016 made up a large portion of his cabinet.

Trump Quickly Won Me and Millions of My Fellow Republicans Over

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Johnson also served as a member of Trump’s defense team during the initial impeachment process. Johnson responded to the New York Times by saying, “President Trump quickly won me and millions of my fellow Republicans over during his 2016 campaign.”

Trump Just Felt Like He Was Cheated in the Last Election

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He also backed Trump’s position on the 2020 election in his CNBC interview. Trump claimed that he “just felt like he was cheated in the last election.” Democrats were quick to draw attention to ‘MAGA Mike’s’ extreme stances.

We Have to Make Biden a One-Term President

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Johnson said to CNBC last week, “I expect he’ll [Trump] be our nominee, and we have to make Biden a one-term president,” noting that he is among the “closest allies President Trump has in Congress.”

Trump’s 2020 Electoral College Count Challenge

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Johnson was also instrumental in securing support for the amicus brief filed by Texas authorities in favor of their unlikely lawsuit challenging Trump’s 2020 Electoral College tally. It’s unclear how much Johnson’s backing of Trump on Tuesday actually helped him.

Grew to Appreciate the Person Trump Is

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“When I got to know him personally shortly after we both arrived in Washington in 2017, I grew to appreciate the person that he is and the qualities about him that made him the extraordinary president that he was.”

MAGA Mike Johnson Sees in Trump Another Anti-abortion

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Sarafina Chitika, a spokesman for the Democratic National Committee, stated: “MAGA Mike Johnson sees in Trump another anti-abortion, election-denying extremist who will do everything in his power to pursue a radical, anti-freedom agenda if he’s reelected president.”

So Hellbent on Legislating Away Americans’ Freedoms

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“Even though MAGA Mike once confessed that he thought Trump was ‘dangerous’ and ‘unfit’ to serve, he’s so hellbent on legislating away Americans’ freedoms and gutting Social Security and Medicare that he’s willing to endorse Trump anyway.”



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