“It Was a Betrayal of the American People”: Reporter Bob Woodward Stunned by Trump’s Pandemic Fabrications

Legendary Watergate reporter Bob Woodward shared insights on the “Trump Tapes” during his explicit interview with MSNBC anchor Ari Melber in his Washington home. Trump’s Deceptive Narrative Woodward delved into the revelation of how he discovered President Trump’s deceptive narrative regarding the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic reporting that he was ‘dumbfounded’ at his findings. … Read more

“She’s Not Somebody That People Have Faith In”: Democrat Dean Phillips Faces Backlash Over Remarks About VP Kamala Harris

Democratic presidential candidate Dean Phillips spends Thanksgiving morning attempting to defend his comments aimed at Vice President Kamala Harris. Controversial Thanksgiving Remarks Dean Phillips faces criticism for his Thanksgiving comments on Vice President Kamala Harris, drawing attention to his perceived lack of faith in her abilities. “It’s pretty clear that she’s not somebody that people … Read more

“Show Me Your Papers, Texas!”: Texas Takes Boarder Security Into Its Own Hands

Texan legislators have passed a new immigration bill empowering police to detain individuals crossing the border illegally. Migrant Bills Passed In the early hours of Thursday, the Texas House passed three bills focused on enhancing border security. The first bill allocates over $1 billion for additional border barriers, the second empowers police officers to return … Read more

“We’re Going To Show How Bad a Job They Do”: Trump’s Plans for Expanded Military Roles in High-Crime Democratic States

The former president has hinted at an aggressive agenda if he wins, from mass deportations to travel bans imposed on certain Muslim-majority countries and now, military expansion. Trump’s Hint at Military Involvement Campaigning in Iowa, Donald Trump suggested an expanded role for the military within the US, particularly in Democratic cities and states, hinting at … Read more

“He May Have to Rely on a Public Defender, Just Like Any Other Broke Citizen”: Disaster for Trump as Election Donation Funds Might Be Frozen

Trump is facing a further blow to his 2024 presidential run and his legal team faces potential indictments in light of recent reports.   The Investigation Unfolds Special Counsel Jack Smith is scrutinizing the post-2020 election donation funds linked to former President Donald Trump, particularly focusing on the fundraising activities of Trump’s Save America political … Read more

“He’s a Divisive Human Being Who Belongs in Jail”: Hedge Fund Billionaire Hits Out at Trump and Calls for Centrist Candidate

Hedge fund billionaire, Leon Cooperman, cautions voters against returning Donald Trump to the White House and outlines the need for careful consideration in the forthcoming election. Unprecedented Critique In a remarkable turn of events, hedge fund billionaire Leon Cooperman has voiced his criticism of Donald Trump, expressing to CNN that the idea of re-electing him … Read more