Steve Bannon Excited ”To Start the Largest Deportation Program in History” With Trump Presidency


According to Steve Bannon, Donald Trump is “a moderate,” and if he loses, the MAGA movement will grow “more powerful” and people will “pine” for him.

Stealing of the 2020 Election Were “Litmus Tests”

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On Sunday’s episode of Showtime’s documentary series The Circus, the former chief strategist of the president, who departed the White House in 2017, discussed Trump and the “stealing of the 2020 election” as “litmus tests” in the “civil war between the Republican establishment and MAGA.” He was speaking to John Heilemann and host Tim Miller.


Bannon Insists if a Democrat Was to Win, There’s No Compromising

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“This movement is going to go on long after Donald Trump. It’s only going to get more powerful and broader. Even if a Democrat was to win there’s no compromising. President Trump is a moderate in our movement,” he declared. “You are going to pine in future years that you wished Donald Trump was around.”


Trump a Frontrunner in GOP Primaries, Beating Biden in 5 Key States

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In the GOP primary, Trump is the clear front-runner with the backing of almost 57% of Republican voters. According to the most recent polling results released last week by The New York Times and Siena College, he is also leading President Joe Biden in five crucial swing states nationally, making him the front-runner for the presidency.


Charges Against Trump May Have Something Else in Store for Him

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However, a slew of legal issues might jeopardize his future. Two of the four criminal cases he faces relate to his purported attempts to tamper with the 2020 presidential election outcomes.


Support for Trump May Drastically Fall if He’s Found Guilty

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The survey indicated that Trump’s popularity would decline by around 6% in certain swing states if he were found guilty of the allegations brought against him. In each of these instances, he has denied any misconduct.


Bannon Found Guilty of Two Counts of Contempt of Congress

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In the meanwhile, Bannon was found guilty in July 2022 of two charges of contempt of Congress for allegedly ignoring a congressional subpoena that the House Select Committee looking into the attack on January 6 had sent to him. The following October, he was given a four-month term, although he hasn’t been inside bars yet while he awaits the outcome of his appeal.


Bannon Thinks “It’s Fantastic to Start the Largest Deportation Program in History”

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Miller brought up a recent article about a MAGA attorney that listed the top five goals of the Trump administration. These goals included dismissing the executive branch’s “deep state,” indicting the entire Biden family, deporting ten million people, holding detainees at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, and pardoning all of the January 6th defendants. Miller brought this up elsewhere in the show. Miller said, “What do you think about that five?” Bannon declared, “I think it’s fantastic.” “We are going to start the largest deportation program in history.”


We All Know What We Need to Do to Stop People Like Bannon and We Are Doing It

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A user on the internet said, “The elections this year across the country are indications that those who do not want to see the far right take back control are lining up to vote,” in response to the latest episode of The Circus. “The fear-mongering and threats have played out. We all know what we need to do to stop people like Bannon and we are doing it.”


Bannon Is Delusional and Voters Will Again Hand Trump a Loss

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Many believe that these words won’t change the course of the nation, stating, “Bannon is delusional. The voters are going to vote to protect themselves from Republican overreach and under performance, and they will again hand Trump a loss.”


American Politics Has Made for Incredible Drama for The Circus Show

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The episode’s one major hope for those concerned about 2024, the future, and democracy could have been its reminder of how much more unpredictable politics are these days. The fact that so much will happen in the upcoming year to alter the dynamic in the Biden vs. Trump rematch forecasts is often overlooked. The last eight years are evidence of this, as it’s unlikely that a year has passed that hasn’t seen events take the punditry by surprise. Mark McKinnon, co-host of the program, stated, “Time after time after time, we have been shocked and surprised, and of course, that has made for incredible drama for our show.”


Current Political Scenario Will Make You Want to Grab a Bag of Popcorn and Sit Back

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Even if it encourages ever more bleak possibilities, there is no denying that the program recorded a turning point in American history. Politics has certainly coarsened, been more politicized, and more hostile in that time span. “Our timing was the best thing that happened to The Circus,” stated McKinnon. “We just caught lightning in a bottle. I pitched the show for 10 years and it just happened to get greenlit before that 2016 election.”


Trump’s MAGA and Its Resistance Are Key in The Circus’s Arc History

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“We really wanted to try and figure out a way to wrap it all up,” McKinnon said during the episode’s planning. “So kind of the theme of the week was, ‘What have we seen over these eight years?’ So wanted to go back and sort of say, ‘What has been the arc history during that period? It’s of course the rise of Trump and MAGA and then the rise of the resistance to push back on that.’”


The Circus Reaches an End After Eight Long Years

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The title of Showtime’s The Circus indicated politics mixed with a dash of wild entertainment when it debuted eight years ago, but the show closed this weekend with tension, stress, and even a sense of dread for what lay ahead. After a packed week that included Donald Trump testifying in his civil trial, some surprising Democratic wins in off-year elections, and a Republican debate that could end up being pointless, the docuseries came to an end.


MAGA Aimed At Separating Weak-Minded Ill-Informed Rubes From Their Money

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On social media, Trump’s campaign is drawing criticism with the comment, “MAGA is a grift aimed at separating weak-minded ill-informed rubes from their money.” People further mused how “It’s laughable that they keep mentioning the polls. The polls haven’t been right one time since that clown started running. Lost by 3 million the first time, 7 million the next time, and will be over 10 million in 2024!”


MAGA Openly Lies About Polls

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To this one person responded, “MAGA has openly admitted they purposely lie on polls to make them incorrect – just so they can say they weren’t correct. The Right purposely discredits everything so the Right can never appear wrong.”


MAGA Oversamples Conservatives by 12%

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As a result, many started to verify these purported MAGA surveys. One user said, “The last poll they bragged about oversampling conservatives by 12%, and then didn’t adjust for it.”


The Nation Fears MAGA Will Destroy American Democracy and Replace It With an Autocracy

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People further criticized MAGA, saying “MAGA will destroy our Democracy and replace it with an autocracy. One man rule to dismantle our freedoms/liberties. Basically a communist rule. We, “Americans”, cannot allow this to happen. VOTE NO ON ALL MAGA autocrats. Just pleading!”


MAGA Apparently Wants a Leader Who Cannot Be Controlled

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This comment compelled more users to agree, with one remarking, “MAGA apparently wants a leader who cannot be controlled. They think that will work out for them because they don’t like being controlled either! Lol! Not really…”


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