“Trump Is an Authoritarian Autocrat Who Wants To Be a Dictator”: Trump Praises the “Fierce” Strength of Foreign Dictators in Iowa Speech

Criminal defendant Donald Trump has praised Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Hungarian President Viktor Orbán during a campaign rally in Iowa. Given his history of admiring dictators, people are concerned. Praising Foreign Dictators Trump described Xi Jinping as a “great guy” and said he’s “fierce” and “smart.” He praised Putin and … Read more

“Slurring, Confusion, and Misinformation”: Ex-Federal Prosecutor Voices New Concerns Over Trump Being “Disoriented in a New Way”

Over 20 states are debating whether or not criminal defendant Donald Trump is qualified to appear on 2024 ballots due to Section Three of the 14th Amendment. Now, a former federal prosecutor has said that additional concerns, such as those in relation to Trump’s mental state, should be considered. Slurring, Confusion, and Misinformation Attorney James … Read more

“China Is by No Means a Communist Country”: Secretary of State Visibly Cringes as Biden Ruins Diplomacy Efforts With One Word

President Biden’s recent comment labeling China’s President Xi Jinping as a “dictator” has not only stirred diplomatic tensions but has also put Secretary of State Antony Blinken in an uncomfortable position.  Biden’s Verbal Misstep During a news conference, a reporter questioned Biden about a time he previously called President Xi a “dictator.” In response, the … Read more

“Johnson Is a Christian Nationalist With a Far-Right Agenda”: Speaker Mike Johnson’s Hometown Newspaper Tells Him to “Cut the Games”

House Speaker Mike Johnson’s hometown newspaper has issued a warning to him, emphasizing the editorial board’s anticipation for him to fulfill his pledge of steering the House back toward serving the interests of voters. A Descent Into Chaos The paper in question was The Advocate. Editors called for Johnson and House Republican Majority Leader Steve … Read more

“Speech Has Consequences”: Biden To Request Social Media Censorship in “Highly Disturbing” Supreme Court Decision

The Supreme Court has handed Biden a temporary win in a censorship battle but the situation has left some people, including judges, concerned about violations of freedom of speech. Suppressing Disinformation on Social Media The dispute was in relation to social media content, specifically disinformation. The matter centered on claims that individuals within the White … Read more