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The first in the Super Tool Lula Story Book Series is hot off the press and ready for you to add to your child's collection.

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‎"Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lula. When Lula was little she wanted to be just like her dad. Her dad was a carpenter who built houses and had a really fun leather belt that held all kinds of tools that helped him do his work. He had a big hammer, a screwdriver, and a wrench. He had a shiny measuring tape that seemed to go on forever. And he had a level that could magically tell her dad when something was even or plumb. She thought his tools were the neatest things she’d ever seen."

This is the opening to Michele Yulo's book: Super Tool Lula: The First of Many Adventures. Lula is a precocious ten year old girl who has her own tool belt and helps her dad with carpentry projects. She loves science, playing the drums, and riding her skateboard. As Super Tool Lula, she proudly wears the Princess Free Zone emblem on her chest: the universal “no” symbol with a tiara inside of the circle.

Lula learns that she inherited something very special from her grandfather--super hero anti-bullying powers. The creation of Lula and Super Tool Lula is born from a gap that exists for girls today: namely, a lack of a female super hero who offers a unique skill set and independent personality.
Super Tool Lula uses her super hero gifts to protect and come to the aid of kids who are mistreated or bullied.  By her side is Super Dog Chewie who is her constant protector and companion. He provides additional help and support to Super Tool Lula as well as his animal friends.
Lula can bring her tool-abilities to all kids, but especially to girls who are often disassociated from this particular type of learning as children. All of these characters teach children to value our differences while emphasizing the importance of being kind to others.

Michele Yulo has written both a story and a treatment for the character and life of Lula that will be published and available in early October. She has been reading the story to elementary school kids in the Atlanta area. She believes that teaching kids, early on, that bullying is wrong while instilling qualities that are necessary to fight it, Super Tool Lula can make a difference. If you'd like her to read at your school, please contact her at