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Suits for girls are completely missing in the mainstream apparel market. I know because I've looked, searched and practically turned the world upside down to find them. I've spoken with others who have looked in vain as well and, like me, have ended up having to buy a suit for a girl that is fitted for a boy. Visit any retail outlet and the only fancy options for girls are dresses or skirts. While a lot of girls love dresses (both for fancy and not-so-fancy occasions), an alternative is sorely needed because not all girls want to wear a dress. Lots of girls like suits, tuxes and ties. Many parents have sent me photos of their girls dressed in suits, but they are always boys' suits. Women wear suits and it is not only acceptable, but stylish. Why can't little girls? They should not have to wear a suit that is broad in the shoulders, short in the arms and baggy in the pants. In short, they shouldn't have to wear a suit that isn't tailored for their bodies. That's where SUIT HER enters.

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Create a unique line of suits for girls!

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Presenting Suit Her a unique idea from Princess Free Zone

SUIT HER will offer hip, unique, ready-to-wear suits for girls age five to twelve that are full of fun detail and made to fit a girl's body. They will be high-quality suits with hand-picked fabrics and lots of attention to detail and fit. Finally! Girls will be able to choose a suit made just for them.

Once we are able to have the physical suits in hand, we will offer pre-ordering/sales which will determine production. * Help Us! Because some girls prefer a tux to a tiara.   |  Visit Indiegogo

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Where will the funds go?

With your help, the majority of the funds raised will go toward the actual prototypes for all pieces for each suit which is the first step in the process. This includes full designs, fabrics/materials, patterns and sewing of the three different suit option which include a jacket and three bottoms. We will use a standard model to fit the prototype and ensure proper sizing. The remainder will go toward marketing, website and photography costs.

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